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Premier League

This season, clubs in the Premier League and the EFL Championship have paid hefty fines totaling £1.3 million for violent and abusive conduct on the pitch. SunSport has made public the astounding sums that the FA (Football Association) has amassed by fining players and coaches who use bad language.

Another 54 teams from the 92 have been punished in the wake of Fulham’s FA Cup quarterfinal breakdown with three red cards in a wild 40 seconds on Sunday. Aleksandar Mitrovic and Marco Silva are still to learn about their punishment. Following the dismissal of his manager, Mitrovic was handed his marching orders for pushing and shoving referee Chris Kavanagh. Silva was then given a red card for his protests from the sidelines.

Premier League
In the wake of Fulham’s Aleksandar Mitrovic’s violent behaviour against referee Chris Kavanagh, the FA has lashed out heavily at the Premier League club. Credits: Twitter

Premier League title contenders Arsenal paid the highest fine

This season, Arsenal have paid the most money in Premier League fines—£185,000—while Manchester United and Everton have also forked over six figures. Only five Premier League clubs have not yet been penalised for improper conduct on the field. The FA has fined Premier League and EFL clubs more than 100 times for violations, for a staggering sum of £1,279,375.

Mitrovic will be placed squarely on the FA’s disciplinary spike for his despicable behaviour against Chris Kavanagh during Fulham’s FA Cup quarterfinal loss. In a statement after the game’s conclusion on Monday night, the FA stated that Fulham, Silva, and Mitrovic had all been charged with alleged offences.

Yet, five years after Wembley’s ‘Respect’ campaign was re-launched, disrespect has reached an all-time low. Only 15 of the 20 Premier League clubs have received fines from the FA, totaling an astounding £932,500. A mark of humiliation for the Premier League, Mitrovic’s impending sanction, coupled with those for Fulham and manager Silva, will easily push that total over the $1 million mark.

League leaders Arsenal are the one that have garnered the most attention, with fines totaling £185,000 after being found guilty on four separate counts of ‘failure to control’ their players. Mikel Arteta has received praise for the football his Gunners have played, despite some of the criticism he has received for his touchline behaviour. Yet just as the red cards that Arsene Wenger’s team received two decades ago began to be seen as a running joke, the current Arsenal side don’t appear to be concerned about their disciplinary failings.

Premier League
Premier League leaders Arsenal have been fined the most number of times this season for failing to control the behaviour of their players on the pitch. Credits: Twitter

Manchester City received the largest single fine of £75,000 so far this season for their actions during the crucial match at the Emirates last month. Moreover, United and Everton were both fined more than £100,000 for multiple violations of the rules, joining Arsenal in receiving such a punishment. Senior Wembley officials recently wrote to all clubs ‘reminding them of their responsibilities’ over the behaviour of players and coaching staffs since the FA is so concerned about what happens week in and week out. A FA spokesperson said in response to SunSport’s report:

“Referees and match officials play vital roles in our national sport. Any inappropriate behaviour towards them is completely unacceptable. Players, coaches, support staff and club officials have a responsibility to treat them with respect, and action will be taken against anyone involved in English football where there is evidence that they have failed to meet that standard.”

The issue is that the bad behaviour is widespread and not only in the top flight. In addition to the Premier League figures, the disciplinary department has issued warnings to 15 of the 24 Championship clubs, 13 League One teams, and 12 League Two teams. The FA uses a sliding scale of financial penalties to ensure that the wealthier top-flight clubs take a bigger financial burden.

Nonetheless, a large portion of Arteta’s team, possibly the majority of the first team, makes more money per week than the £185,000 in fines they have to pay. The rest of the Prem is the same. That will keep happening if it doesn’t hurt and could provide you an advantage in the game.