This story comes from Italy where a 14-year-old Italian boy jumped off a bridge with a group of friends a few weeks ago. The boy was later identified as Michael.

Unfortunately for Michael, the water was 6.5-feet deep and the chances of him surviving the fall were vey slim.

It must be fair to say that this move was ill-advised by the teenager. Michael was thought dead after his heart stopped beating. It took emergency services a remarkable 42 minutes to drag him from the canal bed and restart his heart with a defibrillator.

Human beings are not supposed to be underwater for that long and survive. After four weeks in hospital, he emerged from a coma and the first thing he asked was whether his beloved Juventus were still in the Champions League.

These instances may not be the most pleasing thing we hear but such connect from the football fans towards their loved teams and the game itself tells us why, we call football as THE BEAUTIFUL GAME.

Fortunately for Michael, the doctor who treated him is seen as one of the best doctors in Italy. The man responsible for the miracle, Alberto Zangrillo, a man who happens to be Silvio Berlusconi’s personal physician, called it “the greatest satisfaction of my entire professional career”.

Michael will be pleased to see his beloved Juventus fight for the highest honor in club football, when they take on Barcelona for the chance to win the Champions League later this month and complete and unpresidented treble.

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