The Zidane family caught up in Real Madrid's transfer ban

Aakarsh / 25 January 2016

Having your dad work at the same place as you do could be a bit awkward for many but not in the Zidane clan, a family of 6 with 5 of them currently employed at various levels of the Los Blancos hierarchy.

Be it Real Madrid’s third division team Castilla or the various U-18’s, U-14’s or the U-12’ or even the highest post in the hierarchy, Zinedine Zidane and his 4 sons have taken on a legacy at the Spanish capital.

Zidane is now three weeks into his spell as the manager of Real Madrid, and all his four sons play in the club’s academy.

The oldest son Enzo, has already caught the eye of many and at Castilla where he was under his father before Zidane Sr moved onto the highest post.

Castilla in all fairness have done since Zidane Sr moved out with 3 victories on the trot and mean while Real Madrid fell to a 1-1 draw to Real Betis this weekend in La Liga.

Castilla finished 1-0 on the night but it could have been 2-0 had Enzo’s long range effort not been tipped away by the visiting keeper. The clubs promotion to Spain’s second tier is now a real target but Enzo aspires to achieve more.

Enzo was invited by Jose Mourinho even before he was 18 to train with the first team squad and his brother Luca,17, has no reason to aspire even higher given his status in the Spain’s domestic set-up and also in France.

But the whole spotlight at the moment is on Zinedine after he restarted his 15 years relationship with the club as a player and as a coach. But such a high position comes with its own perils as Zizou learnt just a week into his career.


Real, following a Fifa investigation, have been found to have infringed regulations on the recruitment of U-18 players. Enzo and Luca Zidane, who were born in their father’s native France, are understood to be on Fifa’s list of signings that did not conform.

The senior Zidane found himself very quickly answering questions on the allegations as a head coach and as a worried parent.

Evan as he called the ban absurd, he now knows he might have to make do without a new signing for up to a year as of January 31st if the appeal against FIFA’s sanction to not register any signings up to 12 months is not successful.

One Fifa regulation stipulates that U-16’s should not join a club more than a certain distance from where a parent lives and works and that parent should not move to the area for football reasons. FIFA’s motive here is to avoid exploitation of minors. However the Madrid manager is not really sure what he or his son’s infringements were.

The governing body became concerned minors were being taken on by clubs and their parents co-opted into deals by offers of jobs designed simply to get promising players on their staff.

But the costliest player in 2001 has stayed in Madrid since his move to Spain and is denying any allegations that were put on him.

If the ban from FIFA is not withdrawn, the youth ranks become all the more important and Enzo Zidane might just get the signal sooner than he anticipated.

Do you think Enzo will be a part of Real Madrid next season?


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