Manchester City are one of the many teams in Europe who are moving into a transition state this summer. Pep Guardiola is all set to take over the Etihad franchise before the start of the next season and the squad currently at City will be completely overhauled.

A number of players in the current squad at Etihad are playing for their place next season but majority of them would not fit into Guardiola’s style leaving them hanging up for sale this summer.

The Spaniard is also expected to bring in a number of players of his choice to City for the start of his new adventure with a number of stars from his present squad linked with the English club.

And it has now been reported that Guardiola has already recognized the first player who he wants to take with himself to his new club.

Thiago was taken to Bayern from Barcelona by Guardiola for around £17m when the Spaniard moved from the Catalan club in 2013. He signed a new contract last summer and is expected to cost in the region of £25m for a move this summer.

The 24-year old has ever since been hampered with injuries and was ruled out till March 2015. But ever since his return he has been playing some sensational football and is one of the top players in his position all over Europe.

He is a technically gifted player who can play in a number of positions on the field and is one of the best exponents of the football in mid-field.

He has 4 goals in more than 30 appearances for the German club and has also been a integral part of Spain’s squad in recent times.

Manchester City have the likes of Yaya Toure, Fernando and Fernandinho all of whom are expected to play no part in Guardiola’s mid-field come next season.

Alacantra will be an upgrade on the current mid-field and will surely make City a stronger side in the middle of the park.

However, it will be interesting to see if the Spaniard can get to terms with football in England.


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