Van Gaal blames poor defending for the loss against Bournemouth

Sankha Ghosh / 13 December 2015

Manchester United boss van Gaal believes two defensive lapses cost the match for them following the latest 2-1 defeat to Bournemouth.

Bournemouth netted in each half with two set pieces, as Junior Stanislas broke the deadlock straight from a corner after just three minutes and Cherries striker Josh King who once played for Manchester United gifted Eddie Howe’s men all the three points  when the visitors were yet again hammered from a corner nine minutes after the break.

“Again, two set pieces like against Wolfsburg,” van Gaal’s frustration was eminent. “That’s not normal for us because we gave a lot of attention to all the organisation but they had a few variations and they did it very well, I have to say, but still it can’t be, I believe.”

The Dutchman had no other choice but to praise Bournemouth’s pressing game which made it hard for United to get back into the match following King’s second-half goal.

“I thought in the first half we played well, we created chances, scored a goal and I had the feeling that we could win in the second half,” he said. “And then again a set play and then you are behind in the score and it is very difficult to have a revival, I think.

“The players did everything, but I have to also say Bournemouth are pressing on the ball in a fantastic way and that’s why it makes it more difficult to get the equaliser or to create chances. But still we had the chances also in the second half.”

The under-fire United manager also referred to David de Gea’s misjudgement in somehow allowing Stanislas’ early corner to float straight in over his head.

“In half-time I speak about how we have to do it in the second half,” van Gaal added. “I do not speak about the past; I don’t think that’s of any benefit for me or the players.

“It is a rare error, but I think David knows that better than me. You never can tell that because you have to speak to all the players because we have an organisation and all the players have to do their job. But of course you see that there is a gap and you have to sniff that and we didn’t sniff that.”

However, van Gaal claimed that whoever scored the second goal after the break would go on to win the match.

“I think the attitude of the players, I like the attitude,” he said. “But the attitude is not only important, you have to perform in a certain way and I have to say, I was pleased with what I have seen in the first half. And in the second half it was a match that who scores the second goal shall win.”

But, the United manager was adamant that he still has the backing from his men, despite this latest disaster.

“It is always like that, so it is not new,” he is confident enough. “But it is a matter of belief, if you believe in this manager or not, because that is the most important thing.

“Last year all the fans have shown their belief and that is the most important thing, but for me the most important thing is the commitment of the players and how they perform what we have agreed, and that I can only tell they want to do that.  I’m having always that confidence when the players want to perform in this way, then I have confidence always.”

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