Forbes has made a list of top 10 most popular sporting teams on social media platform. La Liga giants and fierce rivals FC Barcelona and Real Madrid CF are the top two teams in the list with most popularity. Premier League giants Manchester United, Chelsea FC and Arsenal FC are among the top sides.

Football, being the most popular sport on earth has 9 out of top 10 sporting teams in this list. Only team two features in this list is NBA side Los Angeles Lakers side in the 9th position.

Here is the list of top 10 most popular sporting teams in the world on social media:

FC Barcelona: 100.9 million followers (Facebook: 85.4 million; Twitter: 15.5 million)

Real Madrid CF: 99.8 million followers (Facebook: 83.3 million; Twitter: 16.5 million)

Manchester United FC: 70.9 million followers (Facebook: 65.4 million; Twitter: 5.5 million)

Chelsea FC: 48.7 million followers (Facebook: 42.9 million; Twitter: 5.8)

Arsenal FC: 39 million followers (Facebook: 33 million; Twitter: 6 million)

FC Bayern Munich: 32.9 million followers (Facebook: 30.7 million; Twitter: 2.2 million)

Liverpool FC: 30.3 million followers (Facebook: 25.7 million; Twitter: 4.5 million)

AC Milan: 27.1 million followers (Facebook: 24.4 million; Twitter: 2.7 million)

Los Angeles Lakers:  25.6 million followers (Facebook: 21.2 million; Twitter: 4.4 million)

Manchester City: 21.8 million followers (Facebook: 19.2 million; Twitter: 2.5 million)


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