It’s the Transfer Season and players go around the Transfer Market being sold like a mere commodity with the player going to the highest bidder willing to pay the highest salary. In today’s featured article, I look to cover the Top 10 Most Underpaid football with respect to the importance and contribution to their side.

10. David De Gea (Manchester United) – £70,000-a-week

Considering how David De Gea has been United’s best player this season, his £70k salary package seems very little in front of those astronomical £2,00,000-a-week & £2,50,000-a-week of Rooney’s and Falcao’s.

Manchester United have been looking to tie De Gea to an improved deal as early as possible. As per the early estimate, United will offer the 24 Year old stopper up to £1,40,000-a-week deal to make him world’s highest paid Goal Keeper ever. Despite the new contract stories, Real Madrid are always waiting to jump on to any hesitation and take De Gea back to the city of Madrid.

9. Marco Reus (Borussia Dortmund) – £65,000-a-week

Marco Reus is the hottest property in World Football, who will move at the end of the current season. Considering Reus’ brilliance on the pitch he is not being paid anywhere near his potential. Reus will trigger a war of bids for his signature for a fee in the region of £20 Million.

One thing is for sure, wherever Reus will move next, his salary will be substantially increased from his current £65k-a-week package.

8. Isco (Real Madrid) – £60,000-a-week

Yes, Isco is still at Real Madrid, if you had forgotten him and he is one of the least paid players at Real. Madrid’s summer signing James Rodriguez earns more than double of Isco’s salary. Isco has been underused by the manager Carlo Ancelotti and at an incredibly low salary considering the talent Isco possesses.

Complicacy and lack of opportunity might force Isco to move elsewhere. In last few days, Arsenal have been understood to have a bid £64 Million bid ready for Madrid’s playmaker. If the move does go through, Isco’s salary will rise up to almost double of £60k at Real Madrid.

7. Mats Hummels – £55,000-a-week

No Wonder, Manchester United are quietly confident of bringing Hummels to Old Trafford. Dortmund are almost at a bargain by paying the World Cup winner defender just £55k-a-week. Hummels has recently shown his frustration towards Dortmund and the lack of results.

If Hummels decides, he wants to leave then Jurgan Klopp will have very little in his power to stop the central defender from moving to a different club. At current, United lead the chase for Hummels with a proposed £35 Million bid, which will have a substantial rise to Hummels’s current £55k-a-week wages.

6. Andrea Pirlo – Juventus – £50,000-a-week

It is a day-light robbery by Juventus. An absolute steal by just paying £50k-a-week to the best mid field player in Serie A. Pirlo won the award for The best player in Serie A for the third time in a row for his efforts last season,

Pirlo, in his late thirties has the potential to be the best player on the pitch and he is getting better with age. There are very little chance of Pirlo moving to a different club or getting a hike to his £50k-a-week salary but surely he is incredibly underpaid for his talent and temperament.

5. Julian Draxler – Schalke – £45,000-a-week

Julian Draxler is another name on this list, who is extremely talent and incredibly underpaid. Draxler is one of the most sought after names in the game. Teams like Arsenal, Manchester City and Juventus have been interested in signing the young German player from Schalke.

Draxler will fancy a move next season and Manchester City would be his most likely destination as both clubs are already discussing the move for City defender Nastacic which involves a future option of buying Draxler, if needed.

Needless to say if Draxler moves to Premier League, he will have his £45k-a-week wages tripled in no time.

4. David Alaba – Bayern Munich – £40,000-a-week

Is Bundesliga out of cash or they know how to keep their players in check and not ask for big money contracts? Another name from the Bundesliga appears on our list. This time it is Austrian defender David Alaba, who has been just outstanding for Bayern Munich in last 12-18 months.

Alaba is only 22 and has played more than 100 games for Bayern, winning almost every single major honour a player can win at a club level. Seeing the talent and achievements, its unreal to see Bayern pay him just £45k-a-week, its almost Criminal in a way.

Alaba is battling with a long-term injury right now and I have no doubt, once he will be back from it Bayern Munich will go all-out to make Alaba sign his new deal with an improved salary figure, OFCOURSE.

3. Raheem Sterling – £30,000-a-week

Yes, It’s a fact, but I am sure not for long. Liverpool have begun he negotiations for a new £1,00,000-a-week deal to fend off any interest from Real Madrid. As per the recent valuation Raheem Sterling’s transfer value is close to £50 Million.

Sterling has been the most influential player for Liverpool and England in last 12 months. Winning the Golden Boy trophy has sky rocketed his stocks and a new contract is just a formality, but for now Raheem Sterling features as one of the most underpaid players in the world of football.

2. Saido Berahino – £14,000-a-week

When the world is at your feet, you are scoring goals for fun, you have just made your senior International debut, a salary of £14k-a-week sounds way less than expected. This is what Berahino has been currently paid at West Brom.

After scoring 13 goals this season, Berahino is widely tipped to join either Liverpool or Tottenham this January, if that is the case, expect the pay day for Berahino to jump to an extreme high. 

1. Munir – Barcelona – £5,000-a-week

Munir’s situation is tricky for Barcelona to handle. Munir has broken in to the first team this season but he is still on a B team contract, which makes him eligible for a pay of up to £5k-a-week. Due to his B team contract, Munir is available at a cut price fee for other teams to buy.

Seeing Munir’s development Barcelona would want him to step up to first team but doing so it will hamper his growth. Due to this reason Barcelona have not been able to upgrade his contract. If Munir’s contract is upgraded, he will not be eligible to play for Barcelona B team, thus hampering his development as a player.

Barcelona are already under extreme pressure given how things are at the club currently. In this, they cannot afford to lose Munir to their rivals.

This wraps up our list of some of the most underpaid players in the world of football in comparison to their importance and contribution to their side.

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