Despite all the success Jose Mournho has had over the years with several clubs he has managed there has always been this hatred towards the Portuguese tactician. His tenures everywhere turned sour before eventually he left the club.

Jamie Carragher recently claimed that “Jose Mourinho might end uo being the most successful manager of all time, but he and his side will never be the most loved side in the world”.

We can indeed find merit to these claims as Jose Mourinho has always enjoyed a love-hate relationship with his own sets of supporters so it is almost obvious that the opposition fans and managers will end up despising him.

We take a look at the possible 5 reasons as to why rival fans and managers hate Jose Mourinho.


The self-proclaimed ‘special one’ has an aura of arrogance surrounding him which has turned him in to the Blockbuster package he is right now. Even when Mourinho rips in to the media they end up loving him because he is a walking bucket of news and controversy.

He never admits that he or his players make any mistakes and keeps pointing the finger at anyone and everyone, that he possibly can. At times, he behaves like the kid at school who does no work, gets decent grades and then rubs it into everyone else’s faces.


Except the recent Champions League loss against PSG, I have not seen Jose admit clearly that his side were outplayed or outsmarted by an opposition. I give 100% credit for Jose for admitting it against PSG but apart from that, have you ever heard him admit that his side lost because they were the second best? Never, it is always the ref or linesmen, crowd, pitch, opponent’s dirty play or what not. His excuses after losing makes him an annoying opponent.

He can be compared to your friend who always has an excuse for losing on FIFA and but will never accept that he is simply not as good as his opponents.


This one statement has degraded his popularity in the game even further. Since the penalty snub against Fabregas at Southampton, Jose has been raving about the so-called Campaign against his side. Week after week, Jose came up with weird conjectures about this silly campaign.

He targetted the refs and their ability to manage the modern game. He questioned oppositions not paying enough respect to his players and then again came back to this word campaign. He refused to talk with the media for 2-3 weeks, just to put his message across. Sad part of all this fiasco was that lot of Chelsea fans bought ended up buying his idea.



Perhaps the greatest reason why people from the football world despise Jose Mourinho. His sides get the work done and get the result but are boring to watch on field. In recent times, Mourinho has managed the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Wesley Sneijder, Luka Modric, Karim Benzema, Angel DI Maria, Eden Hazard, Cesc Fabregas and Diego Costa but still he has managed to play boring and slow football.

Mourinho approaches any big game with the mentality of suffocating the football out of the contest. People come to the stadium to get entertained and that entertainment element factor goes missing from Mourinho’s side more often than not.


No matter how much you hate the guts of this man, one thing you can not deny is that at the end of the day he is a winner and he knows how to win trophies and build a squad. He broke through with the Champions League success with Porto then continued by winning back-to-back League titles with Chelsea. Then he won the treble with Inter Milan then snatched the La Liga title out of Barcelona’s hands single-handedly.

Till date, Mourinho has won 21 major trophies as the manager and averages one trophy after every 35 games he manages which is phenomenal. Seeing him achieve the success and not manage their club is the reason for many rival fans to hate him. I am sure Manchester United fans hate him because of this very reason as he was very close to joining United but he chose Chelsea over them.

In Jose’s defence it can be said that he does all these pricky little things intentionally to rough up the oppositions and get under their skins and honestly it works at most of the times. Ask Arsene Wenger and Rafa Benitez they will tell you exactly what it feels like ending up on the othe side of Mourinho’s mind games.

All said and done, I truly belive that by disturbing the millions of people around the world there is just one man who has stayed unaffected from all of this and that is JOSE MOURINHO himself. He simply does not care of what people, opponents or fans think of him. All he values is the approval of his players and their support, which is pretty obvious when you see the comoradery of the current Chelsea squad.

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