TROLLED – Chelsea expertly troll their haters with a witty Park the Bus message on twitter

shashi / 25 May 2015

Chelsea are all set to parade their newly won Premier League trophy in an open-bus trophy tour across the city of London. However, before the parade, Chelsea posted a witty message on their twitter account trolling all of their season-long haters.

Chelsea football club’s official twitter account had a post where the parade bus with Champions 201/15 written on it and their caption was, “How’s this for a parked Bus

All season long, Chelsea were accused of playing negative and boring football and often the pundits and opposing fans were frustrated with this tactics and tagged the Blues for using a “Parking the Bus method” to win their games.

See the witty tweet here


Jose Mourinho’s methods may not have been the most pouplar ones but they have surely helped his die to win yet another Premier League trophy (his 3rd in England), thus all the acquisitions of parking the bus has been put to dust.

Chelsea fans are not complaining and neither should the opposing fans as Chelsea have showed every team in the league how to win the Premier League trophy with conviction sand class combined.

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