UEFA announce change in UCL format as Premier League clubs set to be guaranteed 4 places in the competition

Aakarsh / 26 August 2016

The UEFA Champions League is easily one of the most watched football tournaments around the world.

It is a group of the top clubs from every country in Europe fighting for supremacy on one stage and has produced some of the best moments in the world of football over the years.

It is the biggest achievement for a domestic club and it is easy to understand why players around Europe are desperate to play in the competition.

Over the years, UEFA, the board in-charge of the tournament, has used a system that checks the coefficients of teams around Europe to determine how many teams a country can have in the competition.

It uses the wins and losses statistic in the Champions League and Europe league of all the clubs representing one country and tries to determine the top nations that can have a maximum of 4teams playing in the competition every year. The countries ranked later can have 3 or 2 teams in the competition according to their places in the coefficient ranking.

This kind of a ranking system has seen some European giants like Inter Milan, AC Milan and Liverpool miss out on a place in the competition irrespective of their activity in Europe.

This has led to severe debate as it whether the coefficient system is fruitful. And it is now understood that UEFA has decided to completely abandon the system.

Previously, Spain, Germany and England were ranked the top three countries in these ranking, and saw 7 teams from each country play in the European competitions (4 in UCL and 3 in UEL).

The likes of Italy and France are ranked 4th and 5th in the rankings which will saw them have 6 teams in the European competitions (3 in UCL and 3 in UEL).

However, all the points system is now thrown out of the window, with the UEFA revealing today that they will abandon the coefficients for the qualifications of the next season.

They have today revealed that the four top-ranked associations in UEFA will have four teams playing in Europe’s elite competition irrespective of their coefficients.

This rule will not bring much change to England, Germany and Spain for the next few years as they were strong enough to hold on to their places via the coefficients. However, Italy will profit from this move with the Serie A being allowed an extra club in the Champions League from the next season irrespective of their club’s performances in the current season.

It is an interesting move from UEFA who want to reduce the effect of clubs in the Europe League on the number of places a league can have in the Champions League.

More details of the new rule are said to be released in due time but at the moment, with the rule change, Premier League clubs will breathe a sigh of relief, especially after their recent performances in the Europe.

Do you think this change is good for the Champions League?