FC Barcelona were obliged to beat Valencia if they didn’t want to wave goodbye to La Liga. Madrid’s victory over Athletic had put a lot of pressure on the Blaugrana, who could not slip up again. Their failure against Deportivo complicated things so that another error would have been decisive.

Barcelona were obliged to win. And they won. But they suffered. A lot. With a defence that failed to stop Valencia’s rapid counter-attacks. But they won. That was what they had to do. And La Liga is alive with 10 weeks left. Madrid are 2 points ahead with a better calendar, although Barcelona still hope Los Blancos slip up. And they know the Bernabeu Clasico will be a final.

The first half was authentically crazy. The Blaugrana were stars in attack but awful in defence. They scored two goals, it could have been more. But they conceded two too, which also could have been more. They were 45 vertigo-inducing minutes, spectacular for the neutral but unwanted for Cules, who saw a title escaping.

The second half, thankfully, was a different story. Barcelona kept their high level in attack, with the trident spectacular, and the defence, although they kept suffering, were up against a Valencia with just 10 men. The Blaugrana’s superiority was absolute and it was reflected in the scoreline.

In the end, the 4-2 helped Barcelona get three vital points. 16 games to go till the end. Nothing is won yet. But nothing is lost either. The treble is still possible…



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