Video – Jose Mourinho mocks Arsene Wenger after the 0-0 draw against Dynamo Kyiv

shashi / 21 October 2015

Jose Mourinho cannot let go of Arsene Wenger anytime soon. Following his team’s 0-0 draw against Dynamo Kyiv, Jose once again took a cheap swipe at Wenger and tried to mock the Arsenal manager. Mourinho moaned about the match official, who did not give a penalty to Cesc Fabregas, who was sandwiched in the penalty box in first half.

Speaking in his post-match conference, Mourinho was asked to share his views on the game and his response was “the referee was weak and naïve”. Watch the video here:

This cannot be a prompt statement as you can see by his cheeky smile how he intentionally repeated the same words Wenger described when Arsenal lost 2-0 against Chelsea earlier in the season.

Mourinho has not been able to digest the fact that he has been banned for calling the ref “afraid” while Wenger walked away with “weak and naïve” comments. Mourinho once again makes the headlines after Chelsea’s match, it is getting troubling and worrying for the Blues where the man is trying to become bigger than the club, but is failing terribly.

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