Video: LVG slaps Journalist

Sankha Ghosh / 26 January 2016

First Louis van Gaal calls a journalist fat, and now he even slaps one straight in the face

The Manchester United manager is under immense pressure at Old Trafford right now with several reports claiming that LVG will be sacked before this weekend.

The arrogant Dutchman’s tactics and style have been consistently criticised as his boys have dropped massive 10 points off the pace in this season’s Premier League title race and now, van Gaal has shown even more cracks that the pressure of the job is getting the worst of him.

After Manchester United’s shocking 1-0 defeat to Southampton on Saturday, the Dutch manager was questioned regarding a possible transfer for Ashley Cole and what he did was hilarious. van Gaal snapped back at the journalist, saying ‘he didn’t play for a year’ and then slapped the man twice on the cheek. While it was certainly in jest, the under-fire Dutchman’s actions were just another indication that he is now feeling the heat at Old Trafford.


The former Ajax and Barcelona boss also confessed after that shock defeat at Old Trafford, he is failing the United supporters with an apparent hint that he might step down from his job.

He said: “I’m very disappointed that I cannot reach the expectations of the fans. They have – or they had – great expectations of me, and I cannot fulfil them, so I am very frustrated because of that.”

Manchester United’s attacking movements are seldom effective, entertaining; lack of invention can be seen clearly as the players look a bit stale. The speed of passing is becoming stodgy every day, also the absence of proper intensity makes the boys feel tame, and as a result the overall effect at the end of the day is both tedious and completely tiresome.

Louis van Gaal understandably remains in a downbeat mood after loss to Southampton and even though several injuries affected his team’s remarkably poor performance, he doesn’t have the lavishness to show real excuses for United’s complete failure on their last outing but it was utterly predictable for the fans.



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