VIDEO – Manchester City striker tries to choke Man United’s transfer target during a LIVE game

shashi / 01 April 2015

There were ugly scenes during the Bosnia vs Austria friendly on Tuesday night as Manchester City striker Edin Dzeko tried to chock the alleged Manchester Unite target Aleksandar Dragovic.

It all started when Everton midfielder Muhamed Besic went in hard with his tackle on Austrian defender Kevin winner. Besic’s challenge was late and deserved a yellow card and the ref did the right thing by showing Besic the yellow card.

Things went out of hands when Besic showed little remorse for his tackle and questioned the ref’s call for the yellow card. Dragovic came and tried to confront Besic but only managed to anger Bosnia’s captain Edin Dzeko.

See the moment when Dzeko tries to chock Dragovic

Dzeko’s temper levels soared high and he straight away went for Dragovic’s neck and tried to stifle him. Dzeko perhaps came back to his senses when he realized the eventual outcome of the incident and backed out from doing much worse to the Dynamo Kiev defender.

Dzeko was still fuming and having a go at Dragovic and ultimately Dzeko’s team mate came and took him away from the scene and tried to calm him down. Meanwhile, Bosnian players were telling Besic to stay out of all of this and avoid ref’s attention.

After a few feisty minutes it all cooled down and the match resumed. The fiasco brought yellow cards for Edin Dzeko and Aleksander Dragovic as well. Currently Dzeko plays for Manchester City and Dragovic is linked heavily with a move to City’s rivals Manchester United. I can only imagine the scene when these two brawlers would meet under the pressure of a Manchester Derby.

 Video Credits: youtube

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