This is so hilarious, in fact, a pretty crazy video which has gone viral for last two-three days.

Last week in Malaysian Premier league, Kedah, the only team in the history of Malaysian football to achieve double treble titles, were held to a 1-1 home draw by PKNS.

The home crowd, supporters of Kedah were gone mad, got off their seats as they watched their team score an astonishing free-kick.

After the ball hit the net, Kedah’s players apparently gathered on the sidelines to celebrate the goal and the celebration looked like will be going on forever.

But the PKNS players, however, were keen to restart the match, and surprisingly the referee gave the green signal for kick off while the Kedah players were still busy in celebrating on the other side of the pitch. PKNS took the advantage which allowed them to score a simple equaliser. 

Kedah footballers were so furious with the referee’s decision, they started to protest but one of them, the Kedah goalkeeper was shown yellow card. The team officials of the Kedah team invaded the pitch starting a heated conversation with the referee and the PKNS players. It looked like the match will be abandoned as the home team were reluctant to continue the game, the home supporters also tried to invade the pitch threatening the referee. Luckily the referee kept his cool and the match again started after almost 15 minutes. It is reported that Malaysian Premier League ethics committee will start investigating the incident this week.




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