VIDEOS – Top 5 Premier League Long-range goals feat. Beckham, Alonso, Suarez, Rooney and Adam

shashi / 05 April 2015

Charlie Adam scored one of the all-time great goals against Chelsea when he struck an amazing 60-yard goal from his own half which left Chelsea goalkeeper Thibout Courtious red-faced.

Over the years there have been many unbelievable goals scored from a long way out and many goalkeepers have been left embarrassed by the quality of those strikes. In wake of Charlie Adam’s unbelievable strike we pick out the top 5 long-range goals scored in the Premier League over the years.

It sees the likes of David Beckham, Xabi Alonso, Luis Suarez, Wayne Rooney and of course Charlie Adam feature in our list. I would not dare to rank these special goals but I do urge you to pick your favourite long-range goals and let us know by tweeting your pick on our twitter handle @sportzwikifoot.

David Beckham vs Wimbledon, 1996

It all started with this special strike by David Beckham’s audacious strike back in 1996. This wonder goal gave every other player a belief that something like this can be done and over the years many have tried replicating the amazing effort.

Xabi Alonso vs Newcastle, 2006

One of the most gifted players in the game Xabi Alonso has done this act on numerous occasions but none so special than his effort against Newcastle in the 2006-07 season. Alonso received the ball and had to change his position twice to find the right angle for his shot but once the ball left his foot, it was heading one place and one lace only.

Luis Suarez vs Norwich, 2012

The gifted Uruguayan gave us plenty of moments to cheer while his time with Liverpool but this strike against Norwich stands out as the most amazing goal for Luis Suarez. On this very day, Suarez recorded his first ever hattrick for Liverpool as well.

Wayne Rooney vs West Ham, 2014

This goal had so much similarity to that of David Beckham’s goal in 1996. The area of the pitch where Rooney received the ball and the way he struck it to score the amazing goal and it was almost fitting that David Beckham was present in the stadium to witness the goal LIVE.

Charlie Adam vs Chelsea, 2015

The most recent magnificent striker among the wonder goals being scored in the Premier League and it was a special effort. Adam was way back in his own half and had no angle to work with, rather a dead shot straight down the line and he executed it beautifully. We all knew that he had a sweet left foot in him but this sweet, We did not know.

We urge you to pick your favourite and let us know by tweeting @sportzwikifoot.


Video Credits: Youtube

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