There will be some days for any sportsman across all the sports. Be it the best footballer in the world or an amateur player in the fifth division, everyone fails at least once in a life.

Coming to Sunday leagues, it will be much worse at times as your team could lose by a huge margin on an unlucky day. However, Jhiner Chavez, who was in between the sticks for his team Valle Real, playing in the third division of Peru football has just had his worst day as a footballer.

Playing against rivals Santa Rosa in the Copa Peru competition, he let in a jaw-dropping 22 goals during the course of the game and he was left annoyed with his poor individual display on the day.

The disappointed Chavez has also revealed that picking up the ball 22 times from his own net made him feel “impotent and ashamed”. Chavez has also confessed that he cried when he reached home after the game.

After his performance, the goalkeeper said: “I felt a lot of sadness.

“After the match, I went to my house and cried. Nothing like this has ever happened to me before.

“This is a thing I will remember all my life, but it will never happen again!”

Unfortunately for the goalie, his video of letting in 22 goals went online and was soon became viral across social media and he will surely not be happy with the video as it will be one of his worst nightmares in at least upcoming months.

Here is the video:


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