English Champions Chelsea lost to Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal by 1-0 at Wembley in the season curtain raiser in the Community Shield match. It was the 1st time that Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has lost to Arsene Wenger and it did not take the defeat in what doesn’t seem like the the best of spirits.

Jose Mourinho had this to say after the match and on throwing away his community shield medal into the crowd.

“It’s the medal for the loser… it’s a good memory for him.”

“Chelsea was the best team, had the more initiative, had good control, good ball possession. But you know it is that moment of the season where everyone is behind – the energy, the intensity to turn results is more difficult because people is not sharp, and don’t have intensity”

“Arsenal defended with a very low block, they defended with 10 men they put everybody in front of their line with very good organisation so… congratulations.” 

Here’s the Video of Jose Mourinho throwing away his community Shield medal in the crowd and a young boy gets it. He seems pretty happy about it too.

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