Wayne Rooney apologises to team for red card

Dipesh Agarwal / 30 September 2014

England and Manchester United skipper Wayne Rooney has apologised to his team and will not appeal against the red card he he received in Manchester United’s 2-1 win against West Ham at Old Trafford.

Wayne Rooney was sent off by referee Lee Mason after he made a rash tackle on West Ham’s Stewart Downing. West Ham boss Sam Allardyce described the tackle as “crazy” and “irresponsible”. Wayne Rooney ahs accepted he misjudged it and feels sorry for the rash tackle.

Wayne Rooney: “I knew at the time that I misjudged it. It is a red card and I don’t think it will benefit anyone to appeal against the decision.

“It was probably the right decision. I saw the West Ham player making a counter-attack and I tried to break-up the play but I just misjudged it. I apologised to the lads. It was a dangerous situation in that they were trying to break on us but I have no complaints.

“I have tried to trip him up and, to be fair to him, he got further away from me and that is why my leg is straighter than it should have been. As he pushed the ball away, my leg has straightened out and that is obviously why the referee has deemed it as a red card.”

Wayne Rooney will now miss the game against Everton on Saturday, away to West Brom and at home to Chelsea.

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