The stalwart manager – Pep Guardiola – is set to leave the Bavarians at the end of the season and hasn’t yet revealed his future plans, thus inviting speculations from far and wide with Chelsea and Manchester City fighting each other to get the German on their side. And now another name gets added to the foray with Wenger saying that Guardiola would be a good fit for Arsenal.

Pep Guardiola has won 19 trophies with the two clubs that he has managed and is aiming to leave a mark on the Premier League as well with the Citizens being the frontrunners in bringing the Spaniard to England. And it seems highly likely that the ex-Barcelona boss will take up the reins from Manuel Pellegrini, it hasn’t rumoured from doing their rounds and Wenger’s recent comments further add fuel to this ‘Pep Guardiola to Premier League’ saga.

At his news conference when asked whether Pep’s style of ruling a club for three years would suit Arsenal, the Frenchman replied in the positive saying that “Anything is suitable. How long does it last? Nobody knows. I didn’t plan to stay here for 20 years.” “Every manager has his own way to run and model his career. There’s not only one way as long as they give their best to the club where they are. What I think is most important is that anybody who works for a football club gives full commitment” further added the boss.

Furthermore, when asked about who in his view would be his best successor, Wenger chose to be silent and said that it’s not his job to decide who shall take his place. “It’s not my job to talk about who will succeed me. I can only make sure of one thing, that the guy who comes after me finds the club in a very strong position with very good players in a very good, strong financial situation” further added the boss.

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