It was recently reported that Real Madrid are looking to buy either of Mesut Ozil or Cesc Fabregas to improve their creativity in the middle of the pitch to help with transitions instead of stockpiling on number 10s and wingers and the suggested casualty in the squad is reported to be James Rodriguez.

It would be fair to say that the Colombian has not been happy across the season so far due to the lack of playing time for a player of his quality, accentuated by Benitez’s mistreatment. Also, it is being reported that instead of James, Real Madrid looks to Bale as their next superstar and hence James feels cheated with the club hierarchy who stated that he is the future of the club while signing him.

Also worth noting is that Mesut Ozil is a current Arsenal player and has been of tremendous importance to them lately. A transfer would mean that a spot would be opened up for James and would also provide him with an opportunity to be the superstar in the squad. This would be a major leverage for Wenger and co over any transfers which might go through between the two clubs over the January window.

Also worth noting is the fact that James is ready for a transfer even though he will be cup-tied in the Champions league, which clearly shows his resentment with his current situation. The superstar would not come cheap, but any costs would be offset with the impending Ozil sale over the upcoming window.

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