I’m hoping you know the basic rules and all. So here is how it goes:

1) Following ISL for two months does not make you a fan. Follow one of the National Leagues and follow a team diligently through thick and thin. (Not degrading ISL in any way, but its just my opinion).

2) Learn the offside rule. It is a must if you are ever to understand the game.

( No that’s not offside. Its your homework to find it out :p )

3) There are three types of fans. One who supports Ronaldo, another faction who support Messi and a third faction who consider them both to be equal. However all these three factions will agree that Ronaldinho was greater than them all.

4) There are two types of clubs. One who has a billionaire owner and one who does not. The billionaire owner will always end up skewing the price of players.

( If you don’t get the joke no problem. You will, after you watch football for a month. )

5) That brings me to the 5th point, every player has a price in club football, Other than those who are one club men. They are the legends of football.

( The caption says it all. )

6) At the international stage if you are from country 1 and if your great great grandfather’s sister’s maternal uncle was from country 2 you will be eligible to play for country 2.


7) Don’t take trolls seriously they often are misguiding you in some cases . So watch the game and decide the player whether he is good or bad not on the trolls.


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