What role did Arsenal play in potential transfer ban of Chelsea?

Saurav Kapoor / 27 January 2016

No, Arsenal have not lodged any complaint against Chelsea (if that’s what you’re thinking) but the Gunners might have a small role to play if Chelsea do get the transfer ban. Read on to know what.

Chelsea are having their worst possible season of the Abramovich era and everyone associated with the club wants this season to get over as soon as possible. But, it could get worse for them next season if they are slapped with a transfer ban.

Chelsea could face a ban over the signing of Burkina Faso international Bertrand Traore. The 20-year-old took part in a friendly for the club aged just 16, despite FIFA rules stating players cannot complete international transfers until the age of 18. Traore played for the Chelsea u-18s while he was 16 and this may result in a breach of FIFA regulations.

Rules forbid the international transfer of under-18s and in case Chelsea to have any doubts about if they can ask either of the three La Liga giants Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid who have been slapped with transfer bans due to irregularities in the transfers of under-18s.

Chelsea claim they are innocent and insist they have broken no rules. According to the club, Burkino Faso international Traore was able to play in friendly games and featured in the game at Arsenal in October 2011.


Speaking on the issue a FIFA spokesperson said: “We are not in a position to comment on any investigations that are on going so as not to compromise the process, nor do we provide any comments as to whether or not any investigations are under way.”

Chelsea issued a statement on Tuesday insisting they got the green light with the FA and the Premier League. Chelsea’s statement read: “Bertrand Traore was registered by Chelsea FC in January 2014 in compliance with FA and Premier League Rules. “Prior to that date, he was party to an option agreement which enabled the club to acquire his registration in January 2014. The option agreement was registered with, and approved by, both The FA and the Premier League.”

Arsenal might have played their part in Chelsea’s potential transfer ban because it is believed that the friendly game in which Traore played was staged at the Emirates after a first team game because of a Tube strike, so some fans would want to stay and watch.

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