Lionel Messi
The model who made shocking claims about Lionel Messi.

Lionel Messi is often regarded as the pinnacle of performance on the football field, but according to Argentine model Xoana Gonzalez, the footballer is not the best of performers in bed. The model once criticized the Argentina legend for his performance in the bed. Gonzalez claimed she hooked up with the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner years ago, and she’s still eager to discuss their specific interaction.

Gonzalez didn’t hold back despite referring to Lionel Messi as her “idol,” much to the agony of the PSG superstar. Xoana Gonzalez revealed details about Messi’s bedroom life and even compared having s*x with the 35-year-old to having s*x with a ‘dead body’ in an interview with the Peruvian TV programme ‘the value of truth’.

Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi has been happily married to his childhood sweetheart Antonella Rocuzzo, but claims have been made of him committing infidelity. Credits: Twitter

Gonzalez’s explosive interview on Lionel Messi’s bed performance:

Lionel Messi was being frequently in the news during the allegations by Gonzalez back in 2017 for less than savory reasons. It wasn’t a joyful time for the Argentine, who had lost four finals in a row with his national team, announced his retirement from international football, and received a jail sentence for tax evasion.

The most recent accusations made against him by Gonzalez only served to amplify everything else. Gonzalez was subjected to 100 personal questions in “The Value of Truth,” a local TV programme, all of which were ostensibly answered in front of a polygraph. When the conversation turned to her purportedly close friendship with Messi, she suddenly found herself in the spotlight. Gonzalez said:

“It was many years ago. In truth he (Lionel Messi) was very young. But he knew what he was doing, was not minor, that was the important thing. His security told me ‘got someone you want to know’. I was curious to see who it was, and froze when I saw it was my idol Messi I froze.

“I said that he is the wimp, though because he sent his security to get me. There I noticed that he is very shy. We talked about music and cannot remember if he told me he had a girlfriend or not. After a while we went to his apartment in Puerto Madero.

Lionel Messi
Gonzalez had made the shocking claims of sleeping with Lionel Messi back when he was plying his trade for Barcelona. Credits: Twitter

“When one plays across the whole pitch, you expect someone to return the favour. I wanted him to show me more than that. At one point I felt like I was with a dead body,” she added.

Lionel Messi, frequently referred to as the best player on the globe, has done a fantastic job of upholding his nice-guy persona. Messi has a lower profile than many of his football teammates when it comes to associating his name with any issues, particularly those involving women. Naturally, Gonzalez’s information hit the world of football like a bolt of lightning.

Personal attacks on football players are nothing new; living in such a glamorous environment ensures that one will encounter many adversaries. Football is occasionally rocked by controversial relationships, with well-known players becoming embroiled in unfavourable scandals. Lionel Messi, has joined the already lengthy list of such players, which also includes John Terry, Ryan Giggs, and David Beckham.

As is well known, Lionel Messi has three kids from a long-term, dedicated relationship with Antonella Rocuzzo, his childhood love. Gonzalez, though, claims that it’s all a lie. Messi has never given her assertions any weight. Even before, when she claimed to have had a romance with him, he had remained silent. The World Cup winner is currently going through his options for the future as looks set to leave PSG at the end of the season.