Gone are those days when we used to think of Karl Marx when we hear the word “Philosophy”. Manager of Manchester United, Louis van Gaal’s Philosophy is nothing but “Keep the ball, pass it side to side and wait for mistakes in the defensive formation to take advantage of those opportunities. For this to be successful every player has to be comfortable on the ball”.


For Ex-Bayern Munich, Barcelona manager the “Philosophy” worked out very well as the players were technically very strong. Often Called as “Multiple Champions in Multiple Countries” by the pundits, sadly for Van Gaal, his philosophy didn’t quite sell out as the current bunch of Manchester United players, even though they are physically built to fit according to (the) league but they are technically weak, which lead to a group-stage exit from the Champions League and mediocre performances in the ongoing Premier League.


Rewinding two years back, when Manchester United announced Louis Van Gaal will be taking charge, a sense of happiness created among the Club’s Supporters. Fans of the club even went to great extents to create banners like “Welcome to VANCHESTER”; to the present day scenario where boo’s ring around at Old Trafford.

 Fearless man once he was during his days as Ajax Manager, Where the average age of the squad was 23 with Crazy ideas, playing exciting football, eccentric character and with limited resources which fetched him trophies to the manager he is now; almost with unlimited resources at his disposal, playing boring football, sitting on the bench, waiting to retire from Managerial duties.

Van Gaal’s pig-headed stubbornness, reluctance to change his tactics even though it is not fruitful and constantly persisting under performing players and playing players out of their natural position lead to his downfall.





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