End of Falcao’s ‘nightmare’ at Theatre of dreams?

Nagendra / 09 February 2015

Radamel Falcao, one of the most sought out strikers in world football had joined Manchester United on loan from AS Monaco in the dying hours of Summer transfer window of 2014. Manchester United did have a permanent buy clause that was evaulated at £43.5m by AS Monaco. However, things did not turn as expected for Falcao as well as Manchester United.

Half way through the season, Falcao is struggling with lack of form as the days are beginning to count down as his loan spell is nearing its end. The performances of Falcao is nothing but utter disappointment to United fans. The Reds however can buy Falcao if he can repeat the glory days of his at Atletico Madrid which made him the most wanted striker in entire Europe.

His recent performance against West Ham United was yet another poor one as he hardly made an impact on the game. Falcao failed to combine with the wingers well ever since he came to Old Trafford. This was one of the main reasons which made him ineffective as he was easily marked by the centre halfs in the middle of the pitch.

Questions are being raised to put Rooney in a more attacking role and to drop Falcao to bench. With the price tag he is carrying, Falcao is not managing anywhere near his standards. With this form, Falcao might need to say good bye to Old Trafford at the end of the season. United might yet buy the striker, but his injury prone status these days is one more major factor that is not working in Falcao’s favor.

With Reds spending more than 150 million this summer,they might not want add additional funds to their transfer budget just to pursue a striker who is not in the best form by any of his standards. If the latest rumours are taken into consideration, there is only one way for Falcao i.e., to head towards AS Monaco at the yet of the season.

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