India seal the Test series with 2-1 win

Pavan Suresh / 07 May 2015

India beat Japan 2-1 in the third Test match of the series at the Kalinga Stadium at Bhuvneshwar here today. It was not a complete performance by team India but did do enough to win the match and also the series. It was watched by full crowd.

In the first quarter none of the teams played exciting hockey but were content to play some positional hockey. At the end of 1st quarter it was 0-0.

In the second quarter India began off to positive start. India earned their first penalty corner in the 10th minute and was converted by Ragunath to give India a 1-0 lead. The Japanese players did try to attack but were not able to succeed. At the end of second quarter it was 1-0 in favor of India .

In the third quarter the first move came from India on 2.35 minutes when the Indians entered the “D” but was not able to trap the ball. On 5.50 minutes Akashdeep scored a field goal dotching 3 defenders and goalkeeper to give India 2-0 lead. In 7.20 minutes India missed oppurtunity to extend. In the last few minutes of third quarter Okhuri scored the goal to reduce the gap to 1-2. At the end of third quarter it was 2-1 in favor of India.

In the 4th quarter Japan attacked from the word go. In the 3rd minute the Japanese player entered the “D” but could not trap the ball. In the 4th minute Japan attacked again but did not convert the chance into goal. In 4.55 minutes India earned their second penalty corner but was well saved by the Japnese goalkeeper. In 8.50 minutes the Japanese player hit a shot was well saved by the Indian goalkeeper.

With this win India has sealed the series and the last match will be played on 9th May. 

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