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Brock Lesnar Net Worth And Salary

Brock Lesnar Net Worth | Brock Lesnar Salary
Brock Lesnar Net Worth | Brock Lesnar Salary

Brock Lesnar is a rare species in the world of sports entertainment. There’s no doubt that he is the biggest asset of the sports and entertainment industry today. No one could have sold events like this man over the course or last several years. WWE used him as the headliner in only selected shows, methodically to execute money matches. The track record kept consistent increasing Brock Lesnar net worth.

Brock Lesnar Net Worth And Salary

The interesting fact is that Lesnar salary paid by WWE is almost the same as the franchise player of the company. He does not draw any less amount than John Cena or Roman Reigns in terms of payment. It is incredible to imagine considering that he only makes rare appearances on TV. But each one of those appearances remains a must-watch for the fans.

Before getting into Brock Lesnar net worth, we want to take a look towards the accolades earned by him throughout the career. The Beast likes to call himself a street fighter as he competed in all forms of professional wrestling promotions all around the world apart from WWE. This includes New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW), Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and Ultimate Fighting Championship. The beast incarnate is undoubtedly a great professional wrestler.

The former UFC heavyweight champion is only one person in the entire world who has held three elite championships which are WWE Championship, UFC Championship, and NCAA Wrestling Championship. Paul Heyman often states that his client does not get the term ‘satisfaction’ under his skin. So he continues to find new competitions in his career. Brock Edward Lesnar salary reflected that throughout his career.

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Lesnar’s Journey To Becoming A World-Class Superstar In WWE

Ingredients of becoming a super athlete were always inside him from the very beginning. Born on July 12, 1977, in Webster, South Dakota, he attended Webster High School to create a 33-0-0 wrestling record in the senior year. Later he joined the University of Minnesota to excel in the field of football. He also earned a full year wrestling scholarship during those days. In 2000, he won the NCAA wrestling championship as a heavyweight after coming up second the previous year.

Brock Lesnar Net Worth
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WWF was the next destination for him right away to increase Brock Lesnar net worth. Vince McMahon saw the potential talent in the 25-year-old boy and gave the strongest push that one could only wonder. ‘The Next Big Thing’ arrived in the scene to become the youngest World Wrestling Federation Champion in the history of the company and Brock Lesnar net worth was bound to increase.


It’s worth to note that Lesnar used to train and compete in Ohio Valley Wrestling at the beginning of this century. His contemporaries formed the brightest bunch of talents in the entire history. John Cena, Batista, Randy Orton, Shelton Benjamin used to train with him. All of them became world champions later in their career. But none of them picked up the pace like Lesnar.

The mixed martial artist scored a triumphant victory at Summerslam 2002. He defeated none other than The Rock to become the youngest world champ in the history of the company. This gave a massive boost to a meteoric rise in Brock Lesnar net worth. He became one of the prime faces of the Smackdown brand with a significant increment in Lesnar salary. Later he went on to capture the world title for two more times before leaving the WWE for good.

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Lesnar’s Journey From Rags To Riches

As stated earlier, Lesnar is always hungry for newer competition and never hesitated to leave his comfortable position at the top. Otherwise, he could have easily become the next franchise player of the brand. Former WWE Raw general manager stated the following about the beast in an interview with,

“Quite frankly, I couldn’t imagine a better man than Brock more suited to be the face of WWE. No offence to John Cena, who’s an outstanding athlete in his own right, but he’s no Brock Lesnar.”

The beast went on to pursue the football career in 2004 competing in NFL representing the Minnesota Vikings. The very next year, he returned to wrestling courtesy of NJPW promotion. His debut was remarkable as always as he won the International Wrestling Grand Prix (IWGP) title in his very first match. But he soon got axed from the Japan scene due to reluctance.

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The huge world of Mixed Martial World was waiting for him, thereafter. He conquered the scene in MMA sports on behalf of the UFC promotion. Brock Lesnar net worth increased manifold when he conquered the UFC. The heavyweight championship belonged to him for a significant amount of time before he finally decided to come back to his home in the WWE.

Brock Lesnar
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It was due to his absence from the scene that the company realized Brock Lesnar net worth. They needed a big name like him to revamp the scene following some big retirements and some of the major performers becoming part-timers. Vince McMahon brought him back in 2012 with an emphatic F-5 to John Cena. This was quite symbolic as he dominated all of the superstars on the roster in the following years.

Brock Lesnar net worth

The Conqueror belongs to the very top of the food chain since then, to date. Brock Lesnar net worth has reached $22 million which shows that he is indeed a rich man. This net worth estimation was around $16 million during 2015-16. This suggests that Brock Lesnar net worth and salary increased to the biggest extent that any prime superstar can expect.

In 2011 Brock Lesnar net worth touched $5,300,000 with UFC 100 handing him over $400,000. The same UFC PPV was the highest selling PPV in UFC history with over 1,600,000 buys. As per the reports from ESPN, Brock Lesnar salary used to be $400000 on each night basis with $75,000 ‘Submission of the Night bonus’ for his win over Carwin.

Lesnar’s Career Sky Rocketed In 2012

According to The, Brock Lesnar net worth salary hit the biggest of his career after the signing happened with the WWE in 2012. The company offered him a deal worth $5,000,000 for three consecutive years. He was more than happy to get a limited working schedule in the company,

Brock Lesnar net worth continues to grow with a re-signing with the WWE in 2015. Another lucrative deal waited for him in the platter that allowed to work with UFC at the same time. Triple H was the one to confirm the deal and let the world know via his Twitter handle. It meant so much for the sports entertainment to let Lesnar stay under the WWE banner.

“Lesnar’s combination of size, athleticism, and elite wrestling ability is truly unmatched,” said Matt Cowan, VP of Marketing and Products for Everlast. “His strength, determination, and individuality make him resonate with our brand ethos, and we are excited to welcome Brock to our storied family of champions.”

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In 2016 alone, Brock Lesnar net worth stood around $12 million. Brock Lesnar salary was $6.5 million fightings in the UFC and $5.5 million wrestling in the WWE which is the highest a superstar could expect in his career. (Courtesy It was the same year that the beast suffered a suspension by USADA that would not allow him to compete in MMA until January 2019. It also cost him a fine of $250.

Despite being a rich man, Lesnar likes to live the simplest life that one could only imagine. His farmhouse in Maple Pain, Minnesota worths around just $8,00,000 which are nothing in comparison to his contemporaries in the WWE. They have way bigger and better houses than him with all the amenities available. His wife, Sable is also a former WWE superstar who has her own properties worth $1.5 million.

At this time, Lesnar salary in WWE is only next to Roman Reigns, apparently. He has signed a new contract with the WWE prior to Wrestlemania 34. Details of the same are still not available. But the company will continue to allow him appearing in UFC fights in the near future.

This gives a chance to see Lesnar as a dual-sport champion, someday. He might make history by capturing the UFC and WWE Universal Championship at the same time. This will solidify his legacy as the greatest sports entertainer in the history of Combat Sports.