Can't Believe Dean Elgar Survived That LBW Review - Brad Hogg 1
Brad Hogg

Former Australia spinner Brad Hogg also opined his views on the DRS controversy which happened during the third test match between India and South Africa on the third day. Hogg said that he couldn’t believe how Elgar got a reprieve off that LBW review as it looked plumb in front.

In the 21st over of South Africa’s second innings, Dean Elgar was adjudged LBW against the bowling of Ashwin but after some discussion with his batting partner Keegan Petersen, he decided to review the decision. After a few replays, it looked very plumb, but what hawk-eye projection showed, left everyone in shock. Umpire Marais Erasmus himself was seen saying, “That’s impossible!”

Brad Hogg was a part of two World Cup-winning Australian teams; 2003 and 2007 © Getty Images
Brad Hogg was a part of two World Cup-winning Australian teams; 2003 and 2007 © Getty Images

Brad Hogg also opined the same as he tweeted, “Can’t believe Elgar survived LBW review. Not right when you bowl the right length, hit batsman under the knee roll & ball is going over the stumps. Side on view needed to be looked out on such instances. Hard on the umpire. Again DRS is for the howlers not this. #INDvSA” 

“DRS is for the howlers, not for this”- Brad Hogg

However, the controversy didn’t stop there as Indian players made a series of comments hitting out the host broadcaster ‘Supersport TV’

You should find better ways to win, SuperSport,” Ashwin said coming close to the stump mic.

Kohli was furious as he kicked the ground in anger when the hawk-eye projection showed that the ball is going over the stumps. He also joined the chatter as he came close to the stumps to send his message to the broadcasters, “focus on your team as well when they shine the ball. not just the opposition! Trying to catch people all the time!”

“Certainly conducting a fair game here DRS” he mocked.

Other Indian players also joined the bandwagon as there were a series of comments from all close-in fielders.

Whole country playing against eleven guys,” said KL Rahul.

“Not good. You are making the sport look bad now, making the sport look bad,” said his opening partner Mayank Agarwal.

Though at the end of the day, India got the wicket of Dean Elgar with the help of DRS as he was caught down the leg side. South Africa finished the day with a score of 101/2 as they need another 111 runs to win.

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