How Star Batsmen Do It Over And Over Again: The Magic Of Sixes
Kevin Pietersen
Kevin Pietersen. Image Credits: Twitter

How Star Batsmen Do It Over And Over Again: The Magic Of Sixes

The sweet sound of the ball hitting the bat and disappearing out of the stadium is one of the most thrilling experiences that a player or a fan can have. The more the number of these rocket shots, the more credibility the player has in the field. Looking at the history of cricket and its evolution, we can see that players have become smarter and more capable.

Sixers deal a heavy punch to the bowler and his teammates. The more the sixers in a match for a team, the more the chances of them winning. How is it that these players can hit more sixes? Who can be asked to give us the answer?

Betway, the encyclopedia!

In the new edition of the video made by Betway, we get to hear from the pioneers of the game of cricket. Kevin Pietersen is the first to answer the question as to what and why are players able to hit these long shots. Kevin claims that the number one reason as the secret of big shots is that the player is sure in himself while he plays the shot. He says that as a player, they have to have a sense of trust in their abilities to make quick judgments that decide the length and flight of the ball. You can watch the video here:

Source: Betway Insider

KP says that every time he found a ball that he was comfortable hitting a six, he did it. The main point that he puts across is that every player is unique. One other thing he adds is that now the game has changed. Players now not only play for themselves but also to entertain their beloved fans.

Bat size and strength

We have all seen the “Master- Blaster” Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar use a heavy MRF bat. Has it ever got you thinking why? Well, there is a reason for this. Yielding a good bat not only adds force to the hit but also affects the human mind in a very particular way.

David Miller and Kevin agree to the fact that this is true. Kevin brings out the ordeal of how small his bats were when he was in his early days of playing the game and how the size went up as he progressed. He says that it directly affects having the confidence to face the opposing bowler or not.

Have you ever noticed how players like Nicholas Pooran from West Indies and Pandya from the Indian team can hit sixes regardless of their muscular difference when compared to the likes of giants like Pollard? It seems that these players use timing to play better shots. They are good at calculating the moment of impact of the bat and the ball to get their desired result. This is one of the most efficient methods of batting. The idea to use the momentum of the ball and direct it towards the area of interest is the work of an extremely talented batsman.

How do these athletes attain such proficient skills? To this Kevin has an eye-opening fact to tell us. In the year 2010 when the England team lifted the cup, there was something special they did for that entire season. The entire team had gone and practised hitting the ball into the spectator stands. This kind of practice is known as range hitting. Range hitting is one of the most effective processes by which the player can understand the efforts behind hitting sixes.

Through extended practice of this drill, the player develops a very expert sense of dealing with any ball, converting into the top score.

All these statements bring a lot of light to the subject of how players are so good at sending the ball soaring into the midst of fans. It looks like it is the result of the constant progression of the game and players that has resulted in better games.

Cricket is praised for its gameplay. Players now have a constant practice of the game due to the availability of different events around the world. One such event is IPL. These T20 competitions allow players to hit sixes much more.


See more KP commentary here.


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