Rajasthan Royals
Rajasthan Royals.

Royals Sports Group-owned IPL franchise Rajasthan Royals are delighted to announce the launch of the Rajasthan Royals Academy Cornwall (RRAC), which will be based at Truro School. The RRAC will provide a coaching pathway for aspiring Cornish boys and girls cricketers who will have a chance to enroll with the academy at a young age, and develop into top-class players potentially plying their trade on the Minor County, County, or even International arena.

Following positive discussions last year between The Cornish Cricket Company’s Head Coach, Sean Hooper, and the Rajasthan Royals, it proved to serve as the foundation stone of the academy in Cornwall – making it only the sixth in the world for the franchise. The values and vision of the Royals are in synergy with that of The Cornish Cricket Company and hence, the academy appears to be a perfect place for budding cricketers, who can expect a comprehensive coaching curriculum and expert coaching at Truro School.

What makes this opportunity even more exciting, as the Royals look to develop other Academies in the UK and around the Globe, is the chance for these youngsters to participate in various tournaments and festivals playing against other Royals Academies. There will also be the opportunity to tour and visit other Royals locations including Nagpur in India, as well as academies in the UAE.  As part of the academy’s long-term vision, the development of boys and girls both on and off the pitch will be of the utmost importance with them having access to playing and coaching methods, Royals’ players and other learning materials which will help execute on delivering this Vision.

As cricket constantly evolves, The Cornish Cricket Company’s Head Coach, Sean Hooper believes that this opportunity is a potential game changer for cricket and cricketers in Cornwall. “This really offers Cornish youngsters the chance to work towards becoming a global cricketing superstar. I can’t wait to get going with my team of expert coaches. The programme is at the forefront of cricket development.”

“Whilst there is not currently a female IPL competition, girls and women are welcome to the programmes and with the Rajasthan Royals championing many women’s and female causes in India, this is a fantastic IPL franchise to get involved with,” said Hooper.

“The benefits to cricket in Cornwall are huge and the RRAC will help grow the game as well as improve standards in age group cricket for boys and girls,” he added.

The Royals’ Head of Academy Development, Sid Lahiri also expressed his thoughts at the launch, “We are delighted to open our latest Royals Academy in Cornwall. The South-West of England is full of cricketing talent, and I am confident that our partners – Sean and the team at RRAC – will be able to harness that. The Academy will have fantastic short and long-term benefits to boys and girls  and cricket generally in the region.”