Jon Moxley Fka Dean Ambrose Reveals If Renee Young Will Leave WWE

Jon Moxley Fka Dean Ambrose Reveals If Wife Renee Young Will Leave WWE

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One of the biggest news from earlier this year was the official breakup of The Shield faction in the WWE. Dean Ambrose announced that he will not be re-signing with the company once his contract gets expired. Being one of the top superstars of the roster, the news made headlines all over the pro-wrestling circuit as everyone tried to find out what could be the reason behind the former undisputed WWE Champion leaving the company. As seen in due course, he went ahead to shock the world by appearing on WWE’s rival brand, All Elite Wrestling.

Ever since then, Jon Moxley fka Dean Ambrose has been outrageous whenever it came to talking about the WWE. He spit out fire in every interview while talking about the bitter experience he had while working for the biggest pro-wrestling promotion of the world. The frustration from his side made us wondering whether his wife Renee Young may also leave the WWE, sooner.

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Dean Ambrose opened up about the issue during a recent conversation with Screen Geek. As per his comments, Renee Young is doing great with the WWE. Apart from her path-breaking works with the company, she has now been working with FOX Sports, too. The officials are high on her that earned her the WWE Backstage show on the FOX Network from November onwards. So it is not likely that he is leaving WWE, anytime soon.

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“Uh, she’s got A LOT of stuff on her plate; a lot of things she wants to do. I mean, you’d have to ask her what all her goals and aspirations are, but she has a lot of them outside the wrestling business,” stated Moxley. “Right now she’s just like, right now over there she’s completely invaluable. She has a lot of great opportunities with FOX which is great for her, you know…

“Her future is in her hands, she can do whatever she wants, and she’s… It’s good to be her right now. A lot on her plate right now, a lot on her plate. It’s very cool, you know?” (courtesy

The former Intercontinental Champion also noted what could have happened if he left the WWE, three years back. In 2015, his first WWE contract expired. But he went on to re-sign with the brand until 2019. He was not sure whether the early departure could have handed an upper-hand to him. But he’s thankful for the fact that his exit from the WWE and a new offer from AEW happened at the same time,

“But, I often wonder what would have happened if I had the foresight to just leave back then. I don’t know. It could have been worse. It could have been better, but, ultimately, everything’s supposed to work out how it’s supposed to be. The timing of, like, leaving at just the moment that AEW came into existence and just merging at the same time, that feels like a historical thing that I’m very grateful that it happened. Hopefully, it’s historical. We look back in five years and maybe it didn’t matter at all. But, you know, we’ll find out.”