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WWE Backlash video: The first-ever Smackdown Women’s champion crowned

WWE Backlash is coming towards us from the Coliseum of Richmond, Virginia. This marks the first-ever brand specific PPV. The blue brand was all set to give us the returning Backlash PPV to showcase their talents. It is a must watch match for the Women’s division since it is the first-ever six pack challenge to crown the first-ever Smackdown Women’s champion.
Smackdown has utilized their Women’s division properly and hence each of them had an equal chance to win the championship at Backlash. The six women competing in the championship match were Natalya, Alexa Bliss, Carmella, Naomi, Becky Lynch and Nikki Bella. It was high likely that WWE would take the easiest way to give either Nikki Bella or Becky Lynch the championship. But we also expected a twist in the match by which either Carmella or Alexa Bliss could become the new champion.
The match started to be contested in an elimination capacity. Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan kicked off the show with this much-anticipated one. The contestants filled up the ring, thereafter.

Alexa Bliss was the first one to be eliminated. However, quite shockingly, Carmella pinned Nikki Bella again to eliminate him. In the end, it was Becky Lynch who made tap out the queen of the Staten Island to hold the Women’s championship.

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WWE Smackdown video: A huge brawl broke out on the opening of the show

WWE Smackdown Live is on a roll for a few weeks now and tonight marked the final show before the returning Backlash PPV on this Sunday. Tonight’s show came live from the Pinnacle bank arena in Lincoln, NE with the expectations to build up the final hype for the show and it delivered even more as we head towards the first-ever PPV from Smackdown.
We expected to heat up the WWE World title rivalry for the final time before Backlash. We did not see Styles playing his dirtiest games against Dean Ambrose thus far. So we expected to see this finally, on tonight’s show. Last week’s show ended with Styles caught between the ropes. His situation has made him a troll around the internet since then. Tonight, he is supposed to make a big statement to claim his first championship title at Backlash.

Also, we will see a huge six-pack challenge to crown a new Women’s champion for their division. This is going to be the first-ever six pack challenge in the Women’s division. Nikki Bella and Carmella were supposed to continue with their ongoing feud and since they are the only one to an ongoing storyline, we are expecting any one of them holding the championship at Backlash.

With that being said, the show kicked off with Daniel Bryan showcasing the Smackdown Women’s championship inside the middle of the ring. The six contenders showed up to make their own statement for the championship. However, with tensions running high it was not possible that things go smoothly and hence a huge brawl broke out among them.
Later tonight, we have got the face and the heel team faced each other in a six women tag team contest. It was thought that it would be the face team to pick up the victory since Nikki Bella is the strongest contender for the championship victory. But, quite shockingly it the princess of the state island, Carmella locked in her code of silence on Nikki Bella. With the full strength on her broken neck, Nikki had no choice but to tap out.


WWE News: New Women’s championship to be unveiled for Smackdown Live?

It was on this year’s Wrestlemania 32 when we have seen the Divas title to get extinct and the Women’s title was reborn in the process. Charlotte was the first WWE Women’s title holder on that night after a spectacular triple threat match for the championship. Last Monday Night on Raw, Sasha Banks was the one to dethrone the Flair Girl and to be the second one to hold the Women’s title.

Now, since on that night we have seen the birth of WWE Universal Championship, it gave speculations to many that we may see additional titles coming for Smackdown, also. To add fuels to the rumors posted the below on their website:

“Seeing as how Raw is in the midst of creating a WWE Universal Championship to offset the void created in the absence of the WWE Title, couldn’t SmackDown Live conceivably create addition titles as well — for the good of say their many talented tag teams and elite Women’s division? With Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon, anything is possible.”

We have seen a bunch of fresh Divas in the Smackdown Live locker room emerged to make their presence felt after the spectacular match between Natalya and Becky Lynch was over. So, it will be no surprise if WWE comes up with the idea of new Women’s championship for the blue brand to make the division more relevant. Also, the speculation is the former Divas champion, Nikki Bella to join the blue brand upon return. It also suggests the addition of the new championship since she will be chasing her lost championship belt as well as it will be useful to establish the newly emerged Divas.

Meanwhile, speaking of the women’s, everyone’s beloved WWE announcer Renee Young will now be a part of Smackdown Live from now on. The newest member of the Total Divas reality show was asked by a fan of the same and she confirmed the news via Twitter.

WWE News: Natalya’s future in the company in jeopardy?

Apart from the fact that Dean Ambrose has become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion all of a sudden and more importantly WWE has suspended Roman Reigns, the next night, the pro-wrestling fraternity has been buzzing over one more reason. They could not take the heel turn of Natalya at the Money in the Bank event. It left shocked the entire world. Apparently, she was the babyface who started the revolution against Charlotte’s dirty games, for months now. So, it was uncalled for to most of the fans.

In addition, reported that Natalya might leave the company after her contract expires in upcoming months. Fans would agree with the report because Natalya deserved to get one title shot, as of now, more than anybody else. Whereas, WWE decided to keep Charlotte with the title just to break Nikki Bella’s previous record of being the champion for 301 days.

The report suggested that internal chatter suggested that the 8-year-old veteran WWE Diva is willing to leave the company over the certain disappointment. But, Natalya decided to address the situation straight and took his Twitter handle to let us know that she is not going anywhere. She suggested that the rumor floating around is “totally false.” Here’s what Natalya had to say:

The Queen of Harts teamed with Becky Lynch to take on the team of WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte and her protégé Dana Brooke only to come up short in three consecutive pay-per-views. Needless to mention, Natalya had her chance for winning the WWE Women’s championship but eventually ended up lost in all of those. So out of frustrations, she assaulted Becky Lunch out of nowhere, once the match was over at Money in the Bank.
According to, WWE’s initial plan was to turn Becky Lynch heel but at the last moment, they decided to go with Natalya and portray it as a misfortune of Becky Lynch who has now a victim of backstabbing by Paige, Charlotte, and Natalya, respectively.


WWE Raw five-point preview: June 6th, 2016

WWE Raw will come live in our way this week from the CHESAPEAKE ENERGY ARENA, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK. Last week marked the triumphant return of the man with Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect, John Cena but that got decimated by the AJ Styles and his Japanese brethren. Will Cena be able to prove to Styles that the future still has to go through him? Here’s what to expect from this week’s WWE Raw.

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Whom does the New Era belong to?

The franchise of the WWE, returned to the ring last week creating a miracle, once again. The 15 time WWE World Heavyweight was all vocal to reclaim his place as the Man who runs the place. Unfortunately, that flame was quickly put out by The Club who brutalized the Cenation Leader coming back to the same page, again. The attack culminated a match at the Money in the Bank PPV on June 19th. Now, that AJ has uttered that the New Era belongs to the Club, will Cena be able to prevent them on his own? Will we see Cena getting his hands on Styles on WWE Raw?



Is Natalya and Becky Lynch the equalizer?

Charlotte is dominating the Women’s division since her start of the championship reign. She had his father all the time prior to the shocking ditching moment. Now she is all set to do it once again, with the recent ally, Dana Brooke. On SmackDown, after Dana interfered in the bout between The Irish Lass Kicker and the champion, Natalya came to make the save as the duo send them running through the crowd. Both of them are looking to capture the title desperately but first they will look to teach a lesson to Charlotte and Dana, for sure.



‘The Man’ and his mind games

Now, ever since The Architect has returned he’s been fuming over the WWE universe and the current WWE World Heavyweight champion as he had never lost, what was ‘his’ championship once. The champion has suffered the wrath of Rollins post his bout against AJ Styles at Extreme Rules but he never got his redemption. Despite, heated confrontations for consecutive two weeks, Rollins preferred to walk away from Reigns, rather than getting into the ring. “The Guy”, on the other hand, does not want to wait until their championship match at Money in the Bank to renew their rivalry. So, will he get a chance to get his hands on Rollins on WWE Raw?



Money in the Bank momentum

Six men have qualified for this year’s Money in the Bank ladder match and each of them is ready to prove why this year will be their year. On Smackdown, the bragging was on to hold the briefcase via a ladder and gaining the upper hand was the Swiss Superman, Cesaro. With a guaranteed match waiting for one of them for the most coveted prize in the sports entertainment, the likes of Zayn, Owens, Ambrose, Del Rio, Cesaro, and Jericho will look to make a bigger impact on WWE Raw.



A new contender for Rusev’s US title?

Rusev is having a streak, once again, as of late. Since he has got back his US Title at Extreme Rules he has shown his aggressive, ruthless manner to his opponents. Thankfully, the Big Deal, Titus O’Neil was always there to make the save. As The Bulgarian Brute continues to mock American Superstars he views as “entitled, Titus has arrived to defend the Red-and-Blue. So, can we expect another confrontation between the two of them and furthermore, will he emerge as the new number one contender for the United State Title?


WWE Smackdown spoilers: June 2nd, 2016

WWE Smackdown was taped this week from Rockford, Illinois. The New Day kicked off the show to cut a promo and got interrupted by The Club which set up a match between AJ Styles vs. Kofi Kingston for later the night. The New Day and the Club feuding with each other are the best things for the tag division as the team of Gallows and Anderson is the only match up for the champs in the division. Also, the involvement of Styles will pull off the tag team title to the main event scenario.



Becky Lynch def. Charlotte (non-title match)

The Irish Lass-kicker was handed the win via disqualification when Dana Brooke decided to interfere in the match and attacked Becky in between the match. This would create a two-on-two brawl as Natalya was present for Becky at ringside. Nattie and Becky stood tall to end the segment. Does this mean that Becky is getting another title shot against Charlotte?



Dudley Boyz def. Golden Truth

Tyler Breeze and Fandango was present at the ringside, who created the distraction to hand over the Dudleyz a win. It is good to see a lot of options in the tag team division but this Golden Truth storyline has gone out of hands, as of late. They have started months ago but yet to win a match.


Dean Ambrose/Sami Zayn def. Kevin Owens/Alberto Del Rio

On the height of actions that we witnessed on Monday Night Raw, we had in store another tag team action with the participants who will be involved in the Money in the Bank ladder match and once again the faces stood over the faces. Owens stole the show after a post-match brawl broke out with placing a ladder and climbing it to hold the golden briefcase hanging above the ring. We think a surprise is waiting for us as the seventh and final spot for the match is still vacant.



Rusev def. Jack Swagger

Rusev won the contest, presumably and went on to deliver a post-match assault to Swagger. As expected, Titus O’Neil came out to make the save. The feud looks good as though, Rusev will win presumably at the end. Rusev is getting back his streak like he had in 2015 as the US champion which is good for his character. On the other hand, the feud would cement Titus to the mid-card level.



AJ Styles def. Kofi Kingston

Kingston featured in a rare singles competition against AJ Styles in the main event of WWE Smackdown where Styles picked up the victory with the Styles Clash finishing maneuver. In the finishing moments, The New Day members collided against Gallows and Anderson at ringside. Styles finishing off Kofi with the Styles Clash, suggests that how important this match was to establish him as the heel persona. The writing for the club is good, as of now and hopefully the feud against Cena will push Styles to the title picture again. Gallows and Anderson will surely hold the tag team titles in the near future.


WWE News: A women’s Money in the Bank ladder match on June 19th?

WWE Women’s division is going on a high note right now with a lot of athletic Divas present in the locker room, to say the least. WWE got rid of the “Divas” belt for good and renewed it with the term “women’s” as to give them a lot of credential to their athleticism whereas the previous term reflects them as glam dolls inside and outside the ring. Leading by the WWE Women’s champion Charlotte, the division consists of some of the most incredible athletes like Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, Emma and veterans like Paige or Natalya.

Now, Charlotte has held the women’s title for over 250 days. With Natalya and almost all of the women mentioned above being unable to topple the Flair queen, the question is who is going to be her next opponent for the title? After facing consecutive losses, Natalya for sure has headed to the back of the line. Paige was booked as jobber role to repackage Emma and the same happened with Becky Lynch. Meanwhile, Sasha Banks is rumored to be out of action with a head injury.
This led to a burning rumor which suggests that WWE will go for a first ever Money in the Bank ladder match at the next PPV on June 19th from Las Vegas. According to the reports of, the veteran wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer was asked about the concept, in the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio. Meltzer gave a positive reaction that a backstage planning is going on but the chances of seeing it actually at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view are very low.

The reason behind this is the serious concern of the Creative for the recent injuries that took place in the WWE Women’s division, as of late. The injuries include Emma’s back injury, Naomi and Tamina’s surgery, perhaps Sasha Banks injury and last but not the least the former champion Nikki Bella’s career-threatening neck injury. So, though, the concept seemingly is a good idea and careful use of the ladders would make it a sure-shot success, the injury-plagued women’s division may not allow it to happen.


WWE Extreme Rules Match Card, Preview, Prediction and Analysis

For one night only in their schedule of the year, WWE goes Extreme in every match and we are going to witness it on this Sunday at the Extreme Rules pay-per-view. At Payback 2016 the main event between Roman Reigns and AJ Styles turned out to be an utter chaos with restarts, interferences which left the McMahons with no choice to announce an official rematch with the extreme rules stipulation. Also, as a show stealer, we have got a first ever Asylum match between Ambrose and Jericho. The card also includes a fatal-4-way match for the Intercontinental championship involving Cesaro, Zayn, Owens and the champion, Miz. The women’s championship match has an added submission stipulation where Natalya gets one more chance to the championship. Let me break down each of the match cards and offer predictions for the entire match card of the roster.


The New Day (c) vs. The Vaudevillains (WWE Tag Team Championship)

It was such a pitiful incident to watch Enzo Amore getting stuck between the middle and bottom ropes and carried away with a stretcher at WWE Payback. Though it was an accident, WWE is going to make a storyline out of it, predictably. The match will be a good one with the by-gone era specialists on the verge to win when Enzo and Cass’ music will hit to get a huge pop and causing a distraction to them. The New Day will retain by the help and the Vaudevillians will go on to make an intense rivalry with Enzo and Cass.



WWE Raw video: Stephanie McMahon slaps Ric Flair

This week’s edition of WWE Raw was the final one before WWE goes extreme on this Sunday, live on WWE Network for Extreme Rules PPV. It was held at the Greensboro Coliseum, North Carolina with the final segment featuring the hometown stylin’ n profilin’ lad Ric Flair, flanked by none other than the “daddy’s girl” Charlotte. Shane and Stephanie McMahon too, attended the segment as it was the official contract signing for Sunday’s WWE Extreme Rules match where Flair would be barred from the ringside in her daughter’s submissions title defense match.



There were a lot more waiting for the father-daughter combo as they appeared before their hometown crowd. Shane and Stephanie were in the ring. Before Stephanie could introduce Charlotte, Ric Flair interrupted her. He said if you were going to introduce a Flair, you had to do it right. Flair introduced Charlotte with the panache that the Flairs are famous for. But a couple of stipulations ruined their moment instantly. The first one was if Flair interferes Sunday, Charlotte forfeits the title and the second one was even quirkier, if she refuses to sign the contract, the she forfeits the title then on then.

With Natalya being present on the ring Charlotte signed the contract because she had no choice but to sign it. Flair sure as hell did not like it and threw away in the ring against the face of Stephanie as Shane tried to calm him down. Flair takes off his jacket squares up. Shane says he has too much respect for Flair. Stephanie says she doesn’t and slaps Flair in the face. Charlotte walked up and stood against Stephanie but Natalya cut her off and made her tap out to close WWE Raw from Flair’s hometown.

WWE Hall of Famer Lita praises the WWE women’s division

The WWE Divas championship got rebranded on the night of Wrestlemania 32 as they came up with the official WWE Women’s championship belt and got rid of the term “Divas” from the championship belt. The term “women’s” does make sense as to give them a lot of credential to their athleticism whereas the previous term reflects them as glam dolls inside and outside the ring.

The WWE Divas title was created back in 2008 as a part of the “brand split” storyline and got unified with the WWE Women’s championship in 2010 when it was held by WWE Divas Layla and Michelle McCool. The longest reigning Divas champion in between these six years is Nikki Bella who holds the record of retaining the title for 301 days. The Women’s Championship had been in existence since 1956 when it was a part of the NWA promotion.

The WWE Women’s championship belt was inaugurated by none other than Hall of Famer and pioneer Diva, Lita herself. Lita recently posted a photo on her Instagram account. The photo showed all the female wrestlers present in the WWE Women’s division on the grandest stage of Wrestlemania 32.

The photo was accompanied by a short message from Lita where she stated that she loved all these hard working ladies who have the ability to reach the new heights. She also loved the fact that these ladies are capable of generating attention all by themselves and nobody can put them down.


She quoted “Success and inspiration do not just take on one form. This group of hard-working and talented women is ready to make history. I love the attention these girls are commanding! Eventually, people will get tired of telling you “you can’t do something” You just have to have the energy left to charge forward and seize the moment! #wwe #womenswrestling #newera”

wrst32 dvs

Lita, herself is a four-time women’s champion and the most energetic high-flying Diva that WWE has ever seen. His rivalry with Trish Stratus is still a benchmark for the Women’s division. The Women’s division rightfully has tremendous potential in terms of pure athleticism with athletes like Asuka and Bayley still to enter into the main roster.