The actual planning for the Undertaker’s WrestleMania match was something different which we all know. He was booked to face John Cena but the plan was scrapped due to various reasons and now he will be facing ‘the Big Dog’ at Wrestlemania.

Smark fans are already mad with WWE for this. The heat for Roman Reigns is increasing day by day and such a booking would just ignite the hatred even more.

But aren’t there any good outcome of this feud? Undertaker has nothing to gain neither he has anything to lose after twenty-seven dedicated years in WWE.

But what is there for Roman after this feud? It is almost certain that Roman will come out victorious in this match, would it only shower bad things?

What are the possible good outcomes of this feud with having Roman Reigns won the feud? Here are the 3 good sides of this feud for Roman Reigns;

  1. The first and the most obvious good thing for Roman on having this feud is a greater push. The news is already broken that this is going to be Undertaker’s last match and he will lose to Roman in this match. A win over the Undertaker is a great push, but he is already a main eventer, he does not need to be pushed like this. What makes this push huge is Undertaker’s retirement. Breaking Undertaker’s streak made Brock Lesnar an unstoppable force. Retiring him would definitely make Roman something similar or even a bigger deal.
  2. The biggest positive thing for Roman to get from this feud is his rumoured heel turn. That’s right, Roman Reigns is scheduled to turn heel at WrestleMania. If Roman turns heel after retiring Undertaker, he would get the boost he needs. And we have heard that Roman is pleading for a heel turn himself. A heel Roman is something fans would love to have.

The Miz is the only heel right now who can generate heat. Roman as a heel could consume even more heat. This heel turn especially after having Undertaker could Roman one of the biggest heels in WWE history.

  1. Do you remember Roman’s promos on NXT? He was not as bad as he sounds now. He cut some very good promos back in his NXT days, but that was all as a heel. If Roman turns heel after his match with the Undertaker, we will certainly have better promos from him. So there are a lot of positive things for Roman from this match, let us see how much WWE can capitalise.


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