We often hear the phrase told by WWE superstars, ‘Age is just a number’. We have seen Goldberg winning the Universal championship at the age of 50. Previously, we have seen Mr McMahon winning the WWE championship at the age of 54. Hulk Hogan won the WWE title when he was 49. So indeed, it is true, age is just a number.

In the current WWE roster, there are wrestlers who are pretty old but still going really strong. Most of them are active in WWE since attitude era, some started the career before the attitude era even started. So who are the five oldest WWE wrestlers right now? Let us check out;

Note* We will only talk active wrestlers. You might see some names that are not active but just taking a little time. You will not see any name that makes sporadic wrestling appearances.

So there will be no likes of Undertaker or Triple H in this list.



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