All odds are in Goldberg’s favor at Fastlane to win the Universal championship. So let us think for a moment that he has already won the championship and he is carrying the title to WrestleMania against Brock Lesnar.

So should he retain the title at WrestleMania? Or Brock Lesnar should beat him and become the new Universal champion?

Here are the 5 reasons why Brock Lesnar should win the title at WrestleMania;

  1. Goldberg will not appear after WrestleMania – As we all know Goldberg’s contract is coming to an end at WrestleMania, so he cannot carry the title to his home. He has to lose it at WrestleMania. And somehow it will be a poor piece of booking to include the title because it will make the picture pretty much predictable. So this is a big reason why Lesnar should and is winning the title at WrestleMania.
  2. Brock Lesnar is a dominant champion – Last time Brock Lesnar carried the WWE championship he was presented as an unstoppable force. He never lost the title clean and never been given a fair title shot. Putting the Universal title around Brock Lesnar’s waist would look the title really strong.
  3. Will be a great boost for Raw – Raw has been the weaker brand since the very beginning of the brand split and a big reason behind this is not booking a good Universal championship feud. They kept on building up the Kevin Owens – Chris Jericho storyline more intense which is good of course, but somehow, the title had been neglected in this process. Having Brock as the face and champion of Raw will be a great boost for the show.
  4. Better Universal championship feuds – As we mentioned in the previous section; they somehow neglected the title frame to build up Owens – Jericho angle. Once Brock Lesnar wins the title, all the focus will be on the title regarding Lesnar’s gimmick and there will be no secondary storylines, which is a good sign.
  5. For Brock Lesnar’s prestige – The loss to Goldberg at Survivor Series was a big setback for Lesnar’s career, and his elimination at Rumble was even more. This is not a good sign for his future regarding his gimmick. So he needs to win at WrestleMania not in a dominant fashion, not in the way he wins most of his matches, it would not look good for Goldberg since this can be his last match. But Lesnar just has to win this match. It will good for all.


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