No one had ever been on top of a major wrestling company for 10 years, till John Cena came along. With Reigns’ indifferent audience reactions and Bryan’s mounting injuries, it seems like everyone’s favourite or least-favourite wrestler will be on top of the WWE for the foreseeable future.

Sounds familiar? One man has been on top of the Indian film industry for decades. Here is an exclusive proof that John Cena = Rajinikanth.

1. John Cena was last booked to lose a feud – never. Rajinikanth last lost a fight – never
2. John Cena Never Gives Up, because that’s how WWE Creative wants his character. Rajinikanth never gives up, because he doesn’t know how
3. Both John Cena and Rajinikanth frequently wear things that are so colourful that they can hurt the eyes
4. John Cena crushed the Rock’s championship reign with his bare hands. Rajinikanth crushes rocks with his bare hands
5. Cena is the shining light of the Make A Wish program, which organises meetings with celebs for children who are close to death. Rajinikanth organises meetings with himself for villains who become close to death afterwards.
6. No one has ever seen John Cena and Rajinikanth in the same room together – mostly because of Cena’s ‘U Can’t See Me’ shtick
7. John Cena starred in The Marine, one of the worst films of all time. Rajinikanth starred in Kochadaiiyaan, another of the worst films of all time
8. John Cena’s getting on in age, but looks like he’s 25, thanks to the power of millions of dollars. Rajinikanth is really getting on in age, but looks like he’s 25, thanks to the power of CGI
9. Some audience members treat Cena as a face, and some as a heel. Some gang members get intimidated by Rajini’s face, and some by his heel


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