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If the Four-Horsewomen are the cornerstone figure of WWE Women’s Evolution, then it’s safe to say that Alexa Bliss could be the fifth one who helped the process to continue. Coming from a non-wrestling background, she not only excelled in the given role of hers in the company but also managed to create her own legacy.

Starting in 2016 on the main roster, Alexa Bliss has established herself as one of the most popular female talents on the WWE roster. Being a five-time WWE Women’s champion, she has been part of many memorable moments. Additionally, her character work has been fantastic as she kept on experimenting with it, all the time.

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Alexa Bliss Didn’t Care About Negative Comments Over Her Dark WWE Persona 1

Many believe that leaving The Goddess persona and transitioning to a dark ‘Twisted Goddess’ character wasn’t a smart choice. Fans did blast her a lot about this decision but Alexa Bliss made it clear she did not care about those negative comments regarding her dark persona.

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Alexa Bliss was least affected by the discussions over her dark character

While speaking on Out of Character with Ryan Satin, Alexa Bliss talked about the negative experience she had with her dark gimmick. The multi-time women’s champion stated that she did not really care about how they reacted toward it.

“People were investing. They were buying the Lilly dolls. Girls were dressing up as ‘Dark Alexa.’ Guys and girls. That’s what I pay attention to.” Alexa Bliss continued, “I don’t pay attention a lot to the negative comments on wrestling Twitter because I feel like… there’s ego to Twitter sometimes when you’re looking to read negative stuff. Because I feel like 90% of it is negative.”

Alexa Bliss Didn’t Care About Negative Comments Over Her Dark WWE Persona 2

Back in 2020, Alexa Bliss got herself aligned with The Fiend Bray Wyatt and received a dark and supernatural gimmick. After Wyatt was released, that same character work continued through the Lilly doll. At WWE Extreme Rules 2021, that Lilly doll was destroyed by Charlotte Flair.

This marked the removal of Alexa Bliss from WWE TV as she took time off to get over a sinus surgery. Prior to her return before the WWE Elimination Chamber Premium Live Event, WWE aired segments where she was in therapy to get over the loss of Lilly. But since her return to Raw in May, the company eventually kept the doll around him.

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