Andrade Was Scared To Meet Girlfriend Charlotte’s Father Ric Flair

WWE News: Andrade Was Scared To Meet Girlfriend Charlotte’s Father Ric Flair

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One of the hottest couples of WWE is Andrade and Charlotte Flair. These two have reportedly been hooked up for quite sometimes in a low-key manner until some of the fans captured them traveling together, all the time. It happened earlier this year as the couple went full public about the relationship. As of now, the two make public appearances and keep the social media flooded with their PDA pictures.

Andrade recently opened up on this relationship as he initially seemed to be scared for dating none other than legendary Ric Flair’s daughter. While speaking with Digital Spy about his relationship with his girlfriend, and her father, “The Nature Boy”. He admitted that although he and Ric have become good friends, he was initially scared to meet the 16-time World Champion.

“When we first met I was seriously so, so nervous,” Andrade said. “Now I’m so happy. I love Ric Flair. He’s a great person with me, he talks, texts me, sometimes we have dinner. He’s great with me now. When we first started [dating] I asked Charlotte, ‘Please don’t say nothing to your dad’, and she said, ‘No it’s my dad, he won’t care.'”

El-Idolo continued saying about Ric Flair for the influence this legend has created for years now. Flair was the idol that the Mexican Superstar grew up watching,

“I have so much respect for her dad and professional respect for what he did in this business, he’s a legend,” Andrade said.

Andrade gave a positive nod admitting that there is definitely an opportunity down the road for the WWE Universe to see him and Charlotte join forces inside the ring. It could happen for the Mixed Match Challenge that WWE holds annually. But for now, the two of them will continue establishing themselves as dominant singles contestants,

“Now she is focusing on her career and I am focusing on my career. But in the future maybe we’ll be a Mixed Match Challenge team; I know it’s a great idea. Maybe not now, maybe in a year or two years. I like this idea because I have a great connection with her outside the ring and inside the ring. Sometimes we work out together and when we train in the ring and talk in the ring, I feel the same connection to her as we have outside the ring.”

Andrade is still searching for his first championship win on the WWE main roster whereas Charlotte Flair is cementing his legacy as perhaps the most decorated Women’s Champion in history. She won the title for a record 10th occasion by defeating Bayley at bygone Hell in a Cell 2019 pay-per-view. She will eventually advance to shatter her father’s record, one day.