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It’s pretty tough to make a name for yourself in the professional wrestling industry as a woman, even a few years ago, especially when you’re an outsider to the United States. But it’s not impossible when you’re The MAN that has become a myth, and Becky Lynch salary is another example of why so.

When the male-dominated tag of the pro-wrestling industry continues, at least for payscale wise, this woman is an exception. It’s hard to believe that she has made it to the top 10 list of highest earners of the WWE in the 2019-20 session. So it’s not hard to guess that Becky Lynch salary must be pretty high that is enough to give competition to her male colleagues.

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Becky Lynch Salary: How Much The MAN Earns From WWE?

Becky Lynch Salary: How Much The MAN Earns From WWE? 1

Born in 1987 at a smalltown, Limerick in Ireland, the former Raw Women’s Champion was enthusiastic about her career. Becky Lynch salary used to be provided through independent wrestling scene while she also tried hands in flight attendant jobs, as well. Finally, she settled down with WWE after signing a contract with the company in 2014.

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Becky Lynch salary, per annum, is $3,100,000.00, as reported by Forbes, earlier this year. The monthly breakdown for her earnings would be $258,333.33 while her weekly income would be $59,615.38. She pulls in $11,923.08, per day which is far bigger amount than some of the mainstay superstars of the WWE male roster.

Even a few years ago, Becky Lynch salary amount used to be $350,000 through her annual WWE contract just like other female stars like Charlotte Flair or Alexa Bliss. But then it reached a whopping amount of $3.1 million within just three of time. She earned every bit of it while carving her name as the only Women’s WrestleMania main-event winner who also secured the Raw and SmackDown Women’s Title, at the same time.

Becky Lynch Salary: How Much The MAN Earns From WWE? 2

At present, Becky Lynch salary is dependent on merchandise selling and royalty paychecks from WWE as she’s on a pregnancy hiatus. While speaking about this during an interview with Jason Duaine Hahn of People Magazine, her fiancée Seth Rollins mentioned how her full-gear life came to a sudden halt.

“With this, it was just like, she’s going 100 miles an hour, had the busiest year of her life, and then ‘Bam!’ shut down. Done. You can’t do your work anymore. And ‘Bam!’ Hollywood is shut down. No meetings because of the pandemic, because of COVID. So that’s all out the window, too.”

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