Carmella Calls Herself ‘Bad Bi**h’ In Latest Hot Photo

WWE Star Carmella Calls Herself ‘Bad Bi**h’ In Latest Hot Photo

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Carmella has been on a rampage ever since coming back on Smackdown, this past 2020 fall. She was lagging behind in the race of the title picture for the past couple of years. So, the WWE creative team made her wish true by giving her a complete makeover.

Her gear, entrance music, and looks have completely been changed as she shredded the previous babyface persona. She is now one of the top heels of the roster.

To project more of her villainous character, Carmella often takes the social media route. She heats things up with bikini pictures, pretty often, especially after returning on TV.

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WWE Star Carmella Calls Herself ‘Bad Bi**h’ In Latest Hot Photo 1

The Untouchable One just loves to showcase her beauty and hotness quotient. In the latest one of her posts witnessed her extremely toned figure in a revealing outfit. Interestingly, she called went bad-mouth about herself in the photo,

“Being a bad bitch is exhausting.”

WWE Star Carmella Calls Herself ‘Bad Bi**h’ In Latest Hot Photo 2

This photo is apparently from a photoshoot done for a mixtape that would be released soon. Carmella is likely to be seen as a rapper in this potential music video about which not many details are available, right now. In another photo of herself, she was seen in a gorgeous outfit worn for this past edition of Smackdown. She shared a monochromic shot, trying to inspire her fanbase to some extent by saying the following,

“You are what you manifest.”

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Carmella claims herself bigger star than Sasha Banks

WWE Star Carmella Calls Herself ‘Bad Bi**h’ In Latest Hot Photo 3

At present, Carmella is pursuing her second Smackdown Women’s Championship as her storyline with Sasha Banks in progress. The two squared off in a title match at TLC where Banks successfully retained via her submission maneuver, the Bank Statement. But the Princess of Staten Island claims herself to be far above The Boss who would stop at nothing to gain back that title.

“I want her to be on her game because I can still beat her when she is on her game and is totally focused. I’m not worried about what she’s got going on outside of the ring. I will admit she’s been a trailblazer in this industry. You know, she’s done a lot of amazing things in WWE. She is a star, but I’m a bigger star, and I’m better,” stated Carmella in an appearance during WWE’s The Bump on YouTube. (Quotes courtesy Wrestling INC)