Cesaro is happy without Zeb Colter, Summer Rae’s excitement on Total Divas and more

Jeet / 28 April 2014

‘The King of Swing’ Cesaro recently spoke to the Miami Herald where he talked about a lot of interesting stuffs. Here are some highlights;

Working his way up in WWE and gaining respect from fans:
“It has been a great two years. I started at the bottom and worked my way up. I think that shows hard work pays off. A good thing takes a while. It comes with time. If you constantly put in the hard work, you see the crowd starts to appreciate that. I think that’s why it’s so important to keep working hard every day and get better every day.”

The Cesaro Swing:
“It’s a really basic move. I’m a really big fan of the history of wrestling. The Giant Swing is a throwback. I used it prior to WWE quite a bit. One of the days I thought about bringing it back. It connected with the crowd. I’ve been doing it ever since.”

His time with Zeb Colter:
“It’s been great. Zeb has been in this business for four decades. The knowledge is huge. It’s always great to listen to him talk and see how he thinks and what he thinks about things. It’s been great and awesome to work with him.”

The Miami Herald also spoke to Summer Rae about Total Divas, her friendship with Renee Young and other exciting stuffs. Here are some highlights;

 Gaining popularity from Total Divas:
“It’s crazy. It’s not just wrestling fans now that recognize us and want to get our picture. It’s tons of women. I think most men have said we’ve bridged the gap between their wives, girlfriends and wrestling. It’s really cool because now they don’t have to sneak around and watch Monday Night Raw anymore. Their girlfriends want to watch Raw because of us. It’s very cool to be relationship counselors for people across America.”

Being on a reality TV show:
“I think how people view me on the show is going to change throughout the season. I think that right now I’ve kind of done some things to rub people the wrong way. I think by the end of the season you are going to see a different side of me. It’s definitely something that is a direct reflection in the mirror when you do a reality show. You can see what your flaws are and what you need to work on. I’m definitely seeing it now as episodes are airing. It’s a great thing. I’m just very fortunate to be with these wonderful women, sharing my life to the world.”

Her relationship with Renee Young:
“I think someone who has helped me the most in the locker room has been one of my closest friends, [WWE interviewer and host] Renee is just really cool. It’s good to get a non-wrestling, non-diva perspective on matches. She is very funny, good comic relief. We’re kind of buds. I love my Renee Young.” 

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