Bray Wyatt was scheduled to be the guest of Chris Jericho’s Highlight reel. But he was attacked and assaulted by the Wyatt family and he could not feature in his own talk show. The ring was decorated in the manner of the Highlight reel. The Wyatt Family came out to the arena and entered the ring. Bray welcomed everyone to the highlight reel. He said that unfortunately, the scheduled host of the show Chris Jericho could not feature because he was a bit indisposed. But where would Chris Jericho be? He said he wonder, he laughed and pointed to the giant screen.

Chris Jericho was being interviewed in his locker room when he was interrupted by the three members of the Wyatt Family. They attacked and assaulted him. Bray Wyatt ended things up by hitting Jericho the Sister Abigail finishing maneuver on the locker.

Wyatt asked the fans where Chris Jericho was, where was their savior. He said that he was not their savior but he was. He was still there since day one just like every day he had been. He said he knew where everybody was thinking. He could read their thoughts. Just because Chris Jericho got his arm raised last night after their match, he asked if they believed he was the better man than Wyatt. He said that a loss in a battle meant nothing to him because the war was what counts. Bray said war was his game, he created war. He said that it was not been so long that the Wyatt family entered WWE for the first time, they had dismantled gianted, they had destroyed monsters, and most importantly, he took their so called heroes to their knees, and he wanted to ask Jericho what he thought about him whom he was dealing with.

He said that he was Bray Wyatt, he was more monstrous than they all thought he was. Jericho could not measure him like he measured a normal man. He could not measure him with anything because he put every single thing of his measurements in his pockets. He said that she was told by the sister Abigail when he was about to take her revenge, he should be careful, he should dig two graves, one for his enemy and one for himself.

But what was unfortunate for Chris Jericho was he was forever. He sat on his knees and looked upwards. The fans booed him thoroughly.

Jericho was seen at the locker room where the medical stuffs and R Truth was seeing Jericho alright. Jericho’s ear was bleeding.


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