Our sources from the United States of America informs that there is a possibility of CM Punk’s return to WWE on January 2014, as a surprise entrant of the Royal Rumble match in the Royal Rumble pay per view event. However, CM Punk has not spoken anything about his return till now.
As we noted, a lot of superstars and legends urged CM Punk to return to WWE before. Mr. Money in the Bank Seth Rollins was asked at the Digital Spy about CM Punk’s return where ‘The Self Proclaimed Future of the WWE’ said “Before WrestleMania 31 highly, highly unlikely. Down the road? Part of me was 100% sure he’d be back at some point but the longer he’s away, the more it makes me wonder that maybe he’s gone. He spent a good portion of his life dedicated to this business, it’s good for him to maybe get away. He’s done all there really is to do. So I hope that he’s happy and I hope that he’s doing well for himself and enjoying his life away from wrestling. You know, that’s what we all work for is to be able to retire early and enjoy our lives, so I hope that’s the case for him.”
When Vince McMahon was asked about CM Punk’s departure, he clearly said that he will return soon, he is just taking a sabbatical.
If CM Punk seriously returns on the venue we mentioned, what would be there for him? Since CM Punk last performed at the previous Royal Rumble match that would be an epic thing if he returns to the same event after one year.
If we look at the storyline and following the kayfabe, CM Punk would come to continue his storyline with the authority. At Royal Rumble 2014, CM Punk was illegally eliminated by Kane. There could be two things, one; Punk returns and eliminates Kane from the Rumble then continues his storyline with the authority, or two; which is actually very much unlikely, Punk returns and wins the Royal Rumble (Punk winning the Royal Rumble match is not unlikely though), and defeats the corporate champion at WrestleMania 31, since Kane was the last man to have a feud with Punk, he might be the corporate champion. But I am afraid WWE would allow Kane to have a World title reign and have the main event at WrestleMania, but fans all over the world want Kane to have a world title reign. They might finally allow Kane to have a much awaited title reign.
Another thing is possible; CM Punk returns, wins the Royal Rumble and goes to WrestleMania to face Seth Rollins who gets the title by cashing in his contract. But these are all just predictions over the rumored return of CM Punk, we hope ‘The Best in the World’ seriously returns.


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