CM Punk signs with the UFC – The funny side

Editor Sportzwiki / 09 December 2014

CM Punk started 2014 with the WWE, and will end 2014 with the UFC. People have different reactions to this news – from shock, to horror, to surprise, to anticipation, to excitement.

But no one will show you the funny side of this news. No one, except us –

A guy who felt that the WWE (and Ryback, in particular) provided a dangerous working environment will now be in a place where he can expect to be bashed in the head and elbowed in the face as a matter of course. Out of the frying pan…
A guy who was called the Heavyweight Champion of the World for 434 days (and many more) by the WWE will now compete for a middleweight or welterweight championship in the UFC
We will learn how wrong our 10 rupee trump card set was (where CM Punk was 6’2” and 240 pounds). Because the UFC Tale of the Tape will reveal the truth
100000 keyboard warriors will make jokes about CM Punk being from a ‘fake’ sport, and laugh as if each of them was the first ever to think of this in the world
Vince McMahon and Triple H will look at the piles of money that CM Punk will print for the UFC, and cry themselves to sleep
Secretly, every WWE superstar will send his or her resume in to Dana White, and wait for a call back
No one will lay down pipebombs in the WWE any more. All we will have are John Cena (a.k.a. Superman) and Roman Reigns (a.k.a. Forcefed Superman) and The Authority (a.k.a. Would-be Supermen)
No matter what, CM Punk will probably find a way to prove all his detractors wrong, and come out on top, somehow, some way, against all odds.



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