CWE video: A women wrestler challenged her opponent only to be embarrassed

Arindam Paul / 27 June 2016

The Great Khali started his own wrestling academy on 24th November 2015 in Jalandhar, Punjab which is known as the Continental Wrestling Entertainment abbreviated as CWE. The academy is targeted to promote wrestling more to the Indian audience as well as to bring new talents around the sub-continent. The opening of the academy got a lot of attention from the media as it was the first wrestling academy in India from a sports entertainment perspective. Also, it was the brainchild of everyone’s beloved Great Khali who earned quite a reputation for his stint in WWE.
The last events of the CWE promotion were held back on February 24th and 28th in which Khali got injured only to fight back brilliantly. Since then, the hype around the promotion has got quite cold until now when Harbhajan Singh decided to make a trip to the company and laid down a wrestler.
Meanwhile, before that incident went viral, a wrestler B.B.Bull, CWE’s claim of the nations’ first women wrestler has gained a lot of attention due to an incident where she can be seen to roam around the crowd and issuing a challenge to anybody who is willing to step inside the ring with her. Much similar to the pro-wrestling industry, the challenge was made in an emphatic way because she did not expect the challenge to be accepted, anyway.

Kavita, a power-lifting champion, a former Haryana state police officer and a former MMA champion answered the challenge. B.B.Bull shoved her hard on the turnbuckle but Kavita came right back by putting the she-Hulk down, not once but twice. The two women were separated after a brawl broke out and a mixed double tag team match announced for next week’s CWE promotion event.

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