The WWE Intercontinental champion Daniel Bryan recently spoke to where he lighted on the possibilities on the unification of the Intercontinental championship and the United States championship, here are some highlights;

Health concerns in competing in a ladder match so soon after returning:

“It is interesting as this entire process of me coming back has been a testing of my neck. So OK, I am going to do this, now I am going to do a little more, and push a little more. I think the WWE is concerned about how far I am going to push it. Even Shawn Michaels spoke to me yesterday and said: “You know, this ladder match, you know there are more important things than that”. But I worry about that like any time I step in the ring now as far as, how is it going to hold up? It is not really worrying, it is testing it. I have taken German suplexes on my head now since I came back and you know what? It hurt like a normal German suplex getting knocked on your head. It did not hurt any worse than that, so I am pretty confident for Sunday.”

Consequences of Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Title

“My fear in losing is getting lost in the shuffle, which happens all the time in the WWE and that is the worst place you can be in – lost in the shuffle and not having very much to do and that sort of thing. Winning, I see a huge upside in winning. When I came back, one of my goals was to win the Intercontinental championship. It is the only title I have not won since I have been in the WWE, obviously other than the Divas title, but also to make the Intercontinental championship something that can main event other shows.

“One of my friends is Shinsuke Nakamura, who wrestles for New Japan Pro Wrestling, and we used to room together. He did that with their Intercontinental championship to where at this last Tokyo show the Intercontinental championship main evented over their Heavyweight championship, which if I win the Intercontinental championship that would be my goal. I want people to be more excited to see what I am doing with the Intercontinental title than anything that is going on with the Heavyweight title.”

A possible match with Brock Lesnar for the Intercontinental Title in the future:

“It is interesting as I am not sure that Brock Lesnar wants to fight for the Intercontinental championship at the moment. But for him to want to fight for the Intercontinental championship against me in the future, then I would have to consider that a huge success. If Brock Lesnar, who most of the time does not want to be on Raw and does not want to be on most of the pay-per-views, if he wants to fight for the Intercontinental championship, then that would be a huge success.”

The idea of unifying the Intercontinental and United States Titles in the future:

“If you were to make my ideal situation, I would like to keep them separate and treat the Intercontinental championship as a world championship. The way they had it before, where they had the WWE championship and the World Heavyweight championship, but then they combined those two.

“Now there are these two main stories. So you would have a main story with the WWE World Heavyweight championship and a main story with the Intercontinental championship. Because if things were as they are now, with all the focus only on one title, then I would never have got the opportunity to be in a main event spot. Because if they didn’t have the World Heavyweight championship in 2011 when I first won it, I would never have got the opportunity to be in a main event position and in a position to main event Smackdown and all that kind of stuff because it was a good testing ground.

“OK, can this guy get over? Can this guy get popular? All that stuff before they put me on Raw and in bigger spots. I think that is needed because there are a lot of guys, if there is only one main title, then there are lot of guys who are not even going to be given the opportunity to be put in main event spots.”


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