The former three times World Wrestling Entertainment champion Daniel Bryan recently spoke to where he expressed his excitement of being in the main event WrestleMania. When he was asked about his feeling about headlining the main event of WrestleMania, here is what he said;

“It’s incredible. It’s magical; it’s something that you can’t explain. If it weren’t for these people getting so behind me, I wouldn’t have this opportunity that I have right now. It makes you grateful because you don’t know what inspires that type of reaction. There’s something mystical about it, that connection between an entertainer and a fan base. Why is it for me? Literally, it’s magic. Everybody who has ever laced up a pair of boots and wanted to be a wrestler, that’s what you’re dreaming about. For me, that’s the highest aspiration I have in wrestling. I want to main event WrestleMania. When I was doing radio interviews three years ago and I was low on the card, the preshow of WrestleMania, but whenever anybody would ask me what is your goal as for as wrestling, my goal is to main event WrestleMania.”

Hulk Hogan was asked about Daniel Bryan on the main event of the grandest stage of them all. Here is what the Hulkamania said;

“It’s great that an athlete like Daniel Bryan can fight all the odds and still keep going. I’ve never seen anybody get beat on so much and get beat down so much. Oh my god, I would have already taken my ball and went home. This kid takes a beating and keeps on ticking. I’m excited about the whole thing. I think Daniel Bryan is going to fight like a lion. I think he’s going to go on (against Triple H), and I think we’re going to have a new champion at WrestleMania. And his name is going to be Daniel Bryan.”

Now let me clarify why I am saying it is a kayfabe breaking comment from Daniel Bryan. Did you notice Daniel Bryan expressing his excitement over being in the ‘main event’ of WrestleMania XXX? The match between Triple H and Daniel Bryan is certainly not the main event of the event. So is this excitement leading towards the fact that he is going to be third official member of the WWE World Heavyweight championship at the event? He forgot the fact that he is not on the main event of the show yet. Something is definitely very interesting about this comment. We have wait for one more night since WrestleMania XXX finally gets aired.


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