Dean Ambrose came out to the arena. The commentator reminded that Dean Ambrose won a Beat the Clock challenge last week on Monday Night Raw where he defeated Alberto Del Rio and Seth Rollins lost to Heath Slater. It was shown that Dean Ambrose was there in the ring side during Seth Rollins’ match against Heath Slater and he continuously distracted him. Heath Slater at the end picked up the sudden pin fall victory which led to a victory in the beat the challenge to Dean.

Dean Ambrose started on the mic as he said that on the Monday Night Raw the authority thought they have all the corps. They made a Beat the Challenge and they thought that they have got a full proof plan B but the authority could not figure it out that they could not plan for Dean Ambrose.

Now, he had the right to choose the stipulation for their match. He took out a paper from his pocket and said that he had a lot of ideas in his mind which he took down in the paper. He named some of the matches like JBL’s Cowboy hat on a Poll match, Coal Miner’s Glove match, maybe a Sumo Wrestling match, a Boxing match, House keeping match, Loser has to wash Triple H’s car match (he said Seth Rollins already did that so there was no choice of that).

Before Dean could speak out all the stipulations, Seth Rollins came out. Seth wanted Ambrose to cut the crap. The fans started chanting ‘You Sold Out’. He said that when they were in the Shield together, everybody knew that Dean was the unstable one and Seth was the great inspiration. But after what he did at Monday Night Raw, he would like to give a little bit of credit because he thought that it was pretty clever. But it had been a long week so he wanted him to cut it. He said that he heard all the stipulations he named and he knew that it was not what he wanted so he ordered Dean to name his desired stipulation fast.

Dean Ambrose said that he would like to introduce Seth Rollins to the fans and he said that he was the Mr. Money in the Bank. Dean asked what was up with his briefcase. Seth stopped him and said that Dean’s problem was he always thought from his heart not from head that was courageous, people appreciated that. But it could only get him so far. And this sure was not going to beat him at Summerslam. If he used his head instead of his heart he would figure out that whatever stipulation he made it would not matter, Summerslam would be the end of him.

Dean asked whether that was that people were going to get at Summerslam. Seth guaranteed that Summerslam would be his end and the world would dare to watch it, live on the WWE Network for only $9.99. Dean said that the fans would pay $9.99 to see Seth getting kicked out of the arena again. Dean said not this time. This time they were to get a lot more. This time, if Seth tried to escape, he would smash himself with bodies, those bodies would make sure that they were going to tear each other up and he promised he would. If Seth was an old school like him, he could call this match a Lumber Jack match.

Seth said that he was going no where because whatever happened at Summerslam, he would still have the Money in the Bank and whether him or the fans like it or not, that made him the future of this company. Since Dean Ambrose had the opportunity to choose the stipulation for their match at Summerslam and the authority gave him the opportunity to choose an opponent from Seth on that night on Smackdown. He said that as Dean was always ready for a good fight, he picked someone who could deliver exactly what he wanted. He showed a footage on the big screen which showed how Randy Orton destroyed Roman Reigns two weeks ago, as we all know that Roman Reigns was scheduled to face Kane in a one on one match on that night, as he was making his entrance through the crowd just like he always did, Randy Orton attacked him and assaulted him badly. It was shown on the big screen how he smashed his body with the still steps and hit RKO on the announce table. The assault was so vicious that Reigns was not even being able to stand up on his feet.

After the footage, Seth said that Dean’s opponent for that night would be the Viper Randy Orton and he waved his left hand with the Money in the Bank briefcase in the victory pose.



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