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Vicky / 22 July 2015

The Undertaker, who returned a couple of days back at the WWE Battleground PPV to attack Brock Lesner, has a history of returning in a majestic way in the past. The sound of the dreaded bell has the fear element to frighten any of the superstar in the WWE rooster. The Gregorian chants, the druids, the lightning bolts and the pyros that follow the bell will make his entrance more intimidating. Undertaker has returned several times in the past and in those days, in which the spoilers were not leaked ahead of the live shows, it would be a shocking surprise for the fans to see The Phenom returning to the ring. But in the last 2-3 years, the news about Undertaker returning to the WWE is being leaked to increase the TV ratings, which breaks the surprising element in his return. Here are the top five Undertaker returns that was not expected by the fans.

The Undertaker returns at 2010 SummerSlam to avenge Kane

On 28 May 2010 episode of WWE SmackDown, The Undertaker defeated Rey Mysterio to qualify for the fatal four-way match for the World Heavyweight Championship against the WWE Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger, Big Show and CM Punk at the Fatal 4-Way PPV in June. But few days later, his storyline brother Kane revealed that he found The Phenom in a vegetative state and he accused several wrestlers of incapacitating his brother, and attacked them. In the meantime, Mysterio won a BattleRoyal to replace Undertaker at Fatal 4-Way and went on to win the title. In the rematch at Money in the Bank PPV, Mysterio defended the title against Swagger but Kane, the winner of the Money of the Bank ladder match earlier that evening cashed in on his contract against Mysterio and won the title. Mysterio beat Swagger in the number 1 contender for the WHC title and won the rights to face Kane at Summer Slam.

Few weeks before the SummerSlam, Kane disclosed that Undertaker’s attacker was Rey Mysterio, and vowed to get revenge at the SummerSlam. As Kane said, he picked up the victory, Kane went straight to the casket for locking Mysterio in it. When Kane opened the casket, BOOOMMMM!!! The Undertaker was present inside it and he decided to take the revenge on his attacker by himself. After frightening Mysterio, Undertaker turned to Kane, who actually attacked him. But unfortunately, Undertaker found himself on the wrong side of the tombstone as Kane laid him down and walked away with his title.

The “American Badass” Undertaker returns at Judgement Day 2000

The Undertaker did not appear in the television since he injured his groin in September 1999 and when there was an uncertainty over his return to the ring, a man wearing jeans with a leather trench coat came all the way to the ring in a Harley-Davidson motorbike during the ironman match between The Rock and Triple H at the Judgement day PPV in 2000 and left the fans clueless on who he was.

But when he went into the ring and attacked the Degeneration-X, who were helping Triple H by beating down The Rock, people realised that it was The Deadman who appeared in an American Badass gimmick.


The Undertaker returns at the 2006 Royal Rumble to challenge Kurt Angle

Ever since beating Randy Orton at 2005 Armageddon, The Undertaker did not appear in WWE for a while. He finally made an appearance at the 2006 Royal Rumble after Kurt Angle’s World Heavyweight Championship match against Mark Henry, in which the former will defend his title successfully. Undertaker arrived in majestic fashion as a chariot was carrying him and it was led by horses and flanked by his trademarks druids. The Roman columns of the Royal Rumble set only added to the grandiosity of the occasion. Taker remained at the top of the ramp and observed Angle. Then he raised his arms to the heavens as a cluster of pyro promptly exploded in the rafters first and then in the ring before the ring collapsed. Then Undertaker revealed his wish to become the Champion and eventually lost to Kurt Angle in the next PPV No Way Out.

The Undertaker returns to Raw from dead to avenge Kane with Paul Bearer in 1998

Once again Undertaker returns to avenge Kane but this time in 1998. After Kane had locked The Undertaker in a casket, and set it alight, Undertaker was presumed dead at least for the Keyfabe. But to everyone’s surprise, on the March 2nd showing of Raw, both the casket and the Deadman returned to WWE. With Paul Bearer baiting someone to stand up to Kane, the bell tolled once more. Eventually the casket appeared on the stage, where it was struck by what J.R. dubbed a lightning bolt. Clever camerawork then revealed that the Deadman was in fact laying atop the sarcophagus. Not only had ‘Taker returned to the WWE, he’d also returned from the dead.

The Undertaker returns at 2005 Survivor series to make Randy Orton pay for his action

This has to be the best in the Undertaker returns series as The Phenom will make an appearance at the 2005 Survivor series to frighten Randy Orton, who will put Undertaker inside a casket and set it on fire a month earlier at the No Mercy PPV. After Orton will lead the Team SmackDown to victory in the traditional survivor series match, the entire rooster will come out to celebrate the triumph and that’s when the bell will toll in the arena.

The Gregorian chant sounded, the druids arrived, and with them the carried the iconographic casket that Orton had charred at No Mercy. Like it happened at the Undertaker’s return to Raw in 1998, a lightning bolt struck the casket, which was kept upright and later plunged it into flames. The door flew off and inside the casket, the Undertaker was waiting for his vengence. He entered the ring and ploughed his way through the entire SmackDown roster apart from Orton. It set up a Hell in a Cell match between the two.

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